Red Queen of the High Seas
Background information
First episode
Latest episode
Character information
Full name Unkown
Other names Red Queen
Age Unknown
Occupation Outlaw/Pirate
Love Interest Everyone she comes across (no joke)
Home Is a nomad
Relatives Mia (Hinted at, not confirmed)
Pets None
Eye Color Red, Red and Blue(after the attack)
Allies Crew of her ship (now deceased)
Enemies Empire, Herobrine
Likes Emeralds, Money, Hot people, Swords, sharp things, Beer, children(sometimes), and anything considered illegal
Dislikes Law, nooses, public executions, Herobrine, the lack of red glass eyes in the market.
Powers and abilities Increased hearing, stronger bones, higher immune system
Weapons Swords, knives
Quote "The captain always goes down with the ship"- Bunsfactory 2015

Wanted Posters of the Red Queen

The Red Queen:

The "Red Queen" is a name most people of the realm have learned to fear. A ruthless pirate, the Red Queen has appeared several times in both art drawn by one of the Admin Chickens official artists, and in stories and comments made by Bunsfactory. From what little information we have, we are able to tell that the Red Queen is actually the older sister that Mia mentioned in episode 6.5.

As we have said, not much is none about her, or her true identity, as her name has never been released, but the story we do have from several Youtube comments made by Bunsfactory, and stories she has told on the Admin Chickens TeamSpeak server, is that it is a rather gruesome tale indeed.

"The captain always goes down with the ship"- Bunsfactory 2015


Both name and early life of the Red Queen are unknown, although her story is not.

The Red Queen was the captain of a well feared pirate ship, the "Star Emerald", whom was known to be ruthless in her torture methods.

Her crew was made of misfits and criminals she felt needed a push in the right direction. Although her views were crooked, and not to be trusted.

The Attack:

One day, in the dead of the night the ship was suddenly set on fire, causing the Red Queen and her crew to run onto the deck, only to find the ship under attack from Herobrine. She was aware that there was zero chance of saving the ship, so she forced her crew to escape with out her, leaving her alone to both face Herobrine, and go down with her ship.

There is proof that Mia was perhaps on the ship at the time of the attack as a child, but it was simply hinted at by Bunsfactory and her sister shehero6 (the creator of the Red Queen), but has never been confirmed.

The attack on the Star Emerald

The Attack On the Star Emerald

Aftermath of the Massacre:

After the ship sank, the Red Queen washed up on shore, chest stabbed and eye gouged out by Herobrine. The towns folk recognized her from wanted posters and captured her, and sentenced her to a public execution.

She was hung, and thrown into a pile of other executed criminals only to wake up several hours later, the noose still wrapped around her neck.

Her whereabouts at this point in time are no longer known, but there are photos suggesting she is still roaming the main land, searching for something.

So, if you ever see a tall elf with red and blue eyes offering to sell you something for an outlandish price, that's most likely her, and you should most likely contact the Empire.

There is a hefty price on her head.

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