Drake [Drake walking through the Badlands ] In the four years since Grayson and I left Iron Myre, I've been traveling. These new lands we came through the portal 4 years ago, are vast and uncharted. I've found things so far I wouldn't of dreamed before this all began. However, the price for this seemed to be loneliness. Grayson and I respectfully parted and I haven't seen him since. Armen was presumed dead, but I discovered a few months after, that we had been mistaken. Armen wasn't dead. On his fall into the lava, Herobrine merged with him in order to save himself. Herobrine has continued his path of destruction through Armen's body ever since. Two years ago almost to this day exactly I managed to trap Herobrine temporarily and used a spell to remove his evil influence from Armen's body. It worked, but it came with a cost. Parts of Herobrine merged to me while giving Armen a few bits of free will. My left eye is completely white and has major vision problems. But Armen is able to regain control of his body at times. It's rare but I've witnessed it and I believe there's still a way to completely save him.
The final shot of Drake picking up berries and it zones of into The Haunted Logo. The new shot shows Drake walking into Uldin.
Drake [To himself] Uldin huh? (Drake turns and sees a Big Lizard) Ohh Big Lizard. Big Lizards are gross. So maybe I can gather some supplies from there. (Walks down a path to Uldin) With what happen in the last night around here, I wouldn't be surprised if they heard it and left. I would've if I were in that village near by that. (Drake stops and sees the Lizard) Ahh God, Gross. (Walks around the Lizard and continues path, then stops to see the black tress and poisoned puddles) Is this Uldin? Oh God they have poisons patches. Right by their place? Lot's of dead trees. Looks like the trees absorbed the poison. I guess they lived, but. (Walks into Uldin and sees Messenger Post) Oh a messenger post. Oh it's over there. (walks towards pigs) Pigs. Hello? Yea, I guess I was right. Nobody's here. That's not really strange i guess. Anyway i'm gonna...Bird? (walks around the village and then sighs and checks another building) Anybody here? Anybody? Oh alright whatever. Should i take the pigs? Nah, that will be to much of a hassle. And then I'll feel that because if anyone came back for food, there won't be much to find. (Walks out of the Uldin Village) I guess i'll just head home. Why not. (sees person in the distance) Is that a person? HEY! (Person walks away) Oh great. -Sighs- (Walks out of Uldin Keep and enters Alduin's Keep) This place seems familiar. It has like an anonymous ring to it huh? Uh, that's a creepy vibe. (turns around sees Nightmare, but continues walking across a bridge to enter the Bad Lands (Alduin) Felt something weird. Oh great. A thick forest next to the creepy event that happen huh? (grunts) Even through daytime, I still feel uncomfortable here. (turns around sees a Horse) Oh that's a Horse. Okay. Alduin's Keep is this way. (Continues path) Holy hell the vegetation is thick here. Hmmm (Sees Black Dust fly by him) Woah, Woah. Phew... Can't let these things get to me. Probably just things that he sent. Alduin's Keep. Uhh, I'm starting to regret my decision to go explore this way. (walks further into the forest and sees the person) OH HEY!
Mysterious Man Hello? (walks further into Alduin.)
Drake HEY Over he- (almost falls in a out-cave and walks closer to him) That Voice, do I know. Wait a minute. HEY! Behind you.
Grayson [Curious.] Huh? Hello? (turns around sees Drake)
Drake [Surprised.] Grayson?
Grayson Drake?
Drake What are you doing here? It's been like (Grayson and Drake together) 4 Years. Chuckles Yeahh. I haven't seen you in so long. It's nice to see a friendly face for once. The only people i've seen around here are bandits and thugs. What's up man?
Grayson Just coming through Alduin's Keep.
Drake Yea, I just had a hunch to come here. I think I saw you earlier.
Grayson get's a compass out of his backpack and looks up at Drake.
Grayson Really? Was it at Uldin?
Drake Yea i was at there to see if there was any supplies cuz you know, i'm not sure if you knew but what happened near by, I assumed everyone left and...
Drake Yea, the Badlands have been plagued by well you know, him.
Grayson need some water? You must be parched.
Drake Yea sure why not.
Grayson Here let me get some
Drake I'm kinda hungry myself. See you made yourself a backpack. I found that to be pretty useful.
Grayson Here behind you.
Grayson gets some water from his backpack and throws it at Drake. Drake drinks and gets refreshed.
Drake Thanks I needed that (eats berries) I've been traveling like all day.
Grayson So where have you been all these years?
Drake stops eating
Drake [Laughs] I could ask you the same thing. I have uh... I...Well, kinda hard to explain honestly. I've been uhh... traveling. In and out of the Badlands, but mostly here in the Badlands.
Grayson Have you been to any of the inner circles in the Empire yet?
Drake No, I actually haven't been that far in. I only heard stories about the great cities there. I don't really- (Grayson Interrupts "It's Really Great") Are they?
Grayson I can't really go back anymore but...
Drake Why what happened?
Grayson Uhh, behind you. (walks to a board of signs) Before this place feel, let's just say.
Drake reads the signs," Sword for Hire, Grayson is Wanted."
Drake Oh okay. I see that you made a name for yourself then.
Grayson I didn't do anything bad. (walks back) I just have something in my position that they want.
The two walk deeper into Alduin.
Drake Whose They?
Grayson The Empire.
Drake Uhh Can I ask what it is or? Is it not even safe to tell me?
They both stop.
Grayson I rather not. (continues walking)
Drake I trust that you made the right decision.
Grayson That memory is over then. (hears noise turns around) What's that?
Drake (Turns around) What what happened?
Grayson Is something up in that tree?
Drake I don't see anything. Or I think I did. I been having a creepy vibe all day. I feel like something's watching me.
Grayson It might be the Nightmares then.
Drake Nightmares? Can you elaborate? (enters abandoned building with Grayson)
Grayson The Cultist aren't the only thing that Armen brought around here. I know it's Armen Too (Leaves building with Drake)
Drake Yea I take it you know he didn't die.
Grayson Hmm, well do you want to come back to my place? I could cook some dinner.
Drake Yea sure, why not. I mean my place is a little ways away.
The two walk through the Mountains close to Grayson's Home.
Grayson Come this way.
Drake Alright. I'm surprised you made a house out here. Is it a house or?
Grayson It isn't really a house. You'll see when we get there.
Drake Ok. I kinda made a name for my er not a name, a place for myself to you know sit back. It's not really mine, I kinda took it over but...
Grayson [Interrupts] Same.
Drake I can't imagine anyone getting up there. I kinda took a weird route to get there. Let's just say's pretty great for a my needs.
Grayson Well mine isn't really exactly a home. So...
Drake Oh. It's pretty high up here man. (Grayson agrees).
Grayson This is an old Iron Myrian Castle. You remember that city don't you? (Both stop)
Drake Oh yea. I remember Iron Myre. Back to whenever we went there.
Grayson 4 Years till this day pretty much.
Grayson and Drake walk up some ancient stairs on a Courtyard Mountain (Grayson's Property)
Drake So much has changed in that time, it's hard to think about.
Grayson (grabs berries from bushes) You should probably get some berries, their good for you.
Drake Looks like you picked them all, but yea I'll see if I can catch some on the way up.
Continues to walk up stairs
Grayson Alright there's a lot out here, I planted a whole bunch.
Drake That's nice. [Sees Black bubbles flying past them] Woah. I'm just getting a really bad vibe out of this place. Not this place in necessarily, but just all day I've got it. These stones just fall, you climb up everyday?
Grayson Yup oh! There's my dogs. Welcome to my Home!
Drake and Grayson finish their climb and walk around the the front of the courtyard.
Drake Nice place.
Grayson It used to be...Well the courtyard is over here. [Heads to a bridge, with Drake following from behind]
Drake That's a big courtyard all to yourself man.
Grayson [Door Opens] Come on in. [Drake leaves the bridge and walks towards the enterance.]
Drake Alright. [Enters and sees room] Oh wow. You do have a nice place. There's potions, you got bedding, you even got stained glass. I'm surprised none of this is broken after all this time.
Grayson Let me get the fire going [Gets fire started.]
Drake Ahh that's nicer. May I close the door, it's kinda chilly out.
Grayson Yea go ahead. So what type of adventures have you had.
Drake [Laughs] There's to many to count honestly. Oh hang on, got a little few berries left. [Eats raspberry.] There we go. [Sighs] Well, honestly in all this time... like I said to many to count, but let's just say I've homed in with my Enderman half. As you know, I have a little Enderman problem. Never really could explain it, but I've figured out that there's some things i can do with it. I've discovered [Grayson interrupts, "Really?] forms of magic that let me do things enderman can do. [teleports.] Like teleport.
Grayson That's Awesome!
Drake It's very useful I won't lie! I try not to use it to much, I have a limited use before I have to recharge in a sense. Uhh. I ya know, dabbled in magic here and there. I guess you can say, I'm fairly skilled in it, but I mean it's only been 4 years. Only a couple of years, I've been doing magic, but so yea...
Grasyon My question is, you're a mage now?
Drake Yes, I guess you can say that.
Grayson I thought magic died out a long time ago. Along with something else.
Drake [Thinks] uhh, yea.
Grayson [Walks back, looks at a window behind Drake] What was that?
Drake [Turns around] Woah. What is that?
Grayson That is a nightmare.
Drake Is that what I've been seeing in the corner of my eye all this time
Grayson Yup. They practicality follow everyone in the badlands
Drake I always see things out of the corner of my eye, but I never realized there was actually something there. I just thought it was, ya now my brain tricking me because it's a dangerous place.
Grayson Here sit your backpack down. Here, let me give you a piece of food. [Drake agrees]
Drake I'll just set it down over here. [places backpack on the ground]
Grayson What would you like?
Drake Uhh, I'm not too hungry, but I guess I can use some food.
Grayson I can give you some cooked mutton.
Drake Yeah, why not. I haven't had meat in a while.
Grayson gives Drake the mutton. Drake thanks him.

(Not Done Yet)

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