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Full Name N/A
Nickname(s) Six
Sex Female
Birth date N/A
Born in N/A
Height N/A
Eye color N/A
Hair color N/A
Occupation Official Artist; Moderator
Website [N/A N/A]
Role(s) N/A

SheHero6 is an official artist and moderator for The Admin Chickens. Much of her artwork is on Admin Chicken merchandise.

Personal LifeEdit

Six is the eldest of the group and the older sister of Bunsfactory. She's currently a college student. Six, as she likes to be called, is also the creator of the character known by Red Queen Of The High Seas, who will possibly be a new character in the upcoming series.


Upcoming SeriesEdit


  • Six has been watched by a can of spaghetti sauce since 2005.
  • She is the creator of a possible upcoming character known as Red Queen Of The High Seas