The following list are Shorts of The Haunting and The Haunted franchise.

The Haunting Series Edit

Short Aired YT Channel Synopsis YT Link
"BRINE" July 29, 2012 RejectedShotgun (no synopsis) Video
"COLLINCAM.avi" August 23, 2012 RejectedShotgun "Collin's footage of himself going through an ice cave." Video
"Herobrine Sighting" September 6, 2012 RejectedShotgun "Strange possible Herobrine sighting." Video
"MCB-011" September 8, 2012 RejectedShotgun (no synopsis) Video
"The Haunting 3 Part 3.5" September 22, 2013 RejectedShotgun (no synopsis) Video
"White Eyes" October 5, 2013 RejectedShotgun (no synopsis) Video

The Haunted Series Edit

Short Aired YT Channel Synopsis YT Link
"Armenbrine" February 6, 2014 RejectedShotgun "Y͠O҉̢U͏̸͟ ͢҉͢Ą̷̛R̵͢E̕͜ ͜͝Ń̸E͝VE̶̷Ŕ̴̸ ̸̡́SA̵F̨Ȩ͡" Video
"Red Keep" June 11, 2014 RejectedShotgun (no synopsis) Video
"Entity 303" July 12, 2014 RejectedShotgun (synopsis too large) Video
"Armen's Prelude" August 4, 2014 xikroniczz "The Prelude of The Haunting." Video
"Armen's Reveal" November 16, 2014 xikroniczz (no synopsis) Video
"Armen's Corruption" December 30, 2014 xikroniczz (no synopsis) Video
"Armen's Wraith" September 10, 2016 xikroniczz "An informational video about Armen...and his wraith..." Video
"Memories (short)" June 13, 2017 Gamecrown96 (no synopsis) Video

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