A series of shorts/trailers that were produced for both The Haunted and The Haunting. The shorts give pieces of information that relates to either both series.

The Haunted: Armen, a mini non-series of shorts, was released online on August 4, 2014. However, due to Armen's departure the preludes got cancelled.

Overview of Shorts/PreludesEdit

Series Episodes Season premiere Season finale
The Haunting (shorts) 2 August 23, 2012 September 6, 2012
The Haunted (shorts) 1 June 11, 2014
The Haunted: Armen Shorts 3 August 4, 2014 December 30, 2014

Episode ListEdit

Haunting ShortsEdit

No. # Title Online Airdate Prod. Code Viewers
1 1 "The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - COLLINCAM.avi"

August 23, 2012 101 0.12
Collin's footage of himself going through an ice cave.
2 2 "The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting"

September 6, 2012 102 0.35
Drake and Grayson witness a strange sighting.

Haunted ShortsEdit

No. # Title Online Airdate Prod. Code Viewers
1 1 "The Haunted Short: Red Keep"

June 11, 2014 101 60k
Drake, Armen, and Grayson explore the Red Keep

The Haunted: Armen ShortsEdit

No. # Title Online Airdate Prod. Code Viewers
1 1 "The Haunted: Armen's Prelude"

August 4, 2014 101 0.1
Before the events of The Haunting, Armen buys a house in a small village. After returning from a walk, a book unveils a dark secret.
2 2 "The Haunted: Armen's Reveal"

November 16, 2014 102 TBA
Armen remembers his good memories of Drake and Grayson.
1 1 "The Haunted: Armen's Corruption"

December 30, 2014 103 TBA
Armen is still dealing with his corruption, as he everything he has caused.


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