Background information
First episode "The Haunting: Minecraft Movie"
Latest episode ""Belly of the Beast""
Voice N/A
Inspiration Minecraft Skeleton
Creature information
Creature №
Case №
Species Human (reanimated)
Abilities Archery
Environment Any
Diet Unknown
Other names Undead Freak
Affiliations Herobrine's Army
Goal Serve under Herobrine
Home N/A
Friends *Zombie
*Spider (may ride on top)
*Cave Spider
*Wither Skeleton
*Magma Cube
*Zombie Pigman
Enemies *Drake
Cult of Herobrine
Any living human/humanoid creatures
Weapons Bow
A Skeleton is a creature in The Haunting: Minecraft Movie, The Haunting: Second Life, Season 1 of The Haunted, and Season 2 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

Skeletons are undead humans who are exceptional archers. They have so far been seen in the first two The Haunting movies, episode 9 of Season 1 in The Haunted, and episodes 1 and 2 in Season 2 of The Haunted.

History Edit

The Haunting: Minecraft Movie Edit

Skeletons were a minor enemy in the first The Haunting movie, only being seen a few times, however mentioned several times.

The Haunting: Second Life Edit

They were a minor enemy in the second The Haunting movie as well, however were seen much more, especially in the Jungle and Desert temples, as well as the Desert biome at night.

"The Hunt" Edit

In Season 1 of The Haunted, there were seen more commonly, appearing in most of the fights which Drake, Grayson, and Mia participated in, most notably the battle between the Empire, Herobrine's Army, and the three protagonists.

"The Gateway" Edit

In Season 2, these appeared as a minor enemy in the first episode, attack Drake and Grayson in a cave under a large mountain.

"Belly of the Beast" Edit

Also in Season 2, these appeared guarding the gateway to Hell, appearing not only alone, however, seen riding on top of Spiders, the formation also known as a Spider Jockey, which creates a deadly combo when attacking.