"Where the three biomes meet..."
Armen after arriving there

Temple of The Three Biomes
Type Temple
Location "Where the three biomes meet," The Three Biomes
First episode "The Haunting: Second Life"
Latest episode "The Haunting: Second Life"
The Temple of The Three Biomes is a location in The Haunting: Second Life.

Overview Edit

The Temple of The Three Biomes is the central temple that Drake and Armen go to after they've acquired the Sacred Diamonds from the three temples. It is situated in the intersection point of the Jungle, Desert, and Snow Biomes.

History Edit

The Haunting: Second Life Edit

Drake and Armen use this to navigate through The Three Biomes, mainly for the Snow and Desert Temples.

The two also return here after acquiring all three of the Sacred Diamonds from each of the temples. After activating it, it opens up to a mysterious cave.