For this sword's predecessor, see Fiery Sword.
[[File:Andruin Thaumium Broadsword|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Type Sword
Effects Enhanced strikes
Slight damage to Armenbrine
Source Reforged remnants of the Fiery Sword
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

The Thaumium Broadsword (nicknamed "Andruin") is a sword used by Grayson and Drake in The Haunted.

Overview Edit

This sword is dark purple in appearance with a crystal-like texture. It is very strong, killing any foe within one to three strikes with the exception of Armenbrine, who would only be damaged slightly.

History Edit

This sword is the reforged remnants of the Fiery Sword from The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine, after its destruction along with Armen and Herobrine's merge to become Armenbrine. It was found by Grayson when he returned to Iron Myre sometime before finding residence in Emerald City.

Grayson is seen using this weapon throughout most of The Haunted series, and it is very strong towards any opponent. Drake had not known the sword was the remnants of the Fiery Sword until "The Magic Library," where Grayson tells him of the sword before attacking Armenbrine with it. It damaged him, but not very effectively. However, Drake receives it to destroy one of the Sacred Diamonds, and it managed to break one of them.

Grayson continues to use this on their journey to Hell and the Demon Realm to save Armen. However, as they entered the portal, the Demon Portal rejected all of Drake and Grayson's belongings, plus Drake's magical abilities. It is unknown what has happened to this sword.

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