The Admin Chickens
Leader RejectedShotgun (formerly)
Nickname(s) TAC
Years Active 4
Former Members RejectedShotgun
Origin April 2013
Active Until June 2017 More
Website [ (defunct) (defunct)]

The Admin Chickens was a production group for The Haunting and The Haunted series. They have produced The Haunting around in 2012, and produced The Haunted, before that went into ownership of Evergreen Productions in early June of 2017.

Overview Edit

The Admin Chickens had 34 members to start, with RejectedShotgun and Gamecrown96 hosting a group in TeamSpeak 3.

The Admin Chickens were a team consisting of RejectedShotgun, Gamecrown96, and xikroniczz. The first two known members were RejectedShotgun and Gamecrown96. They have completed The Haunting series as well as season one of The Haunted as well as the first two episodes of season two, all through the use of Minecraft.

Former Members Edit

ShadowFusion leaving TAC Edit


Rainmaker442 leaving TAC Edit

On January 8, 2015, Rejected Shotgun posted a tweet stating Luke (Rainmaker442) voluntarily left the Admin Chickens, as he wishes to pursue better things.

"Luke has decided to voluntarily leave the AC as he wishes to pursue greater things. He'll still be around, just not as a Chicken." - Drake on his Twitter account (@Rejectedshotgun)

Xikroniczz leaving TAC Edit

On April 7, 2015, RejectedShotgun unexpectedly released a tweet stating that Armen abruptly left TAC's. Immediately fans replied confused and worried, asking why he left, but The Admin Chickens nor Armen fully explained why. Not long after, RejectedShotgun released a video on May 1, 2015, not fully explaining what happened, but letting the viewers know Armen decided to leave.

"Hey there everybody, I'm Drake. If you're watching this, you've probably noticed that 'The Haunted: Episode 12' is taking a while. Before anybody worries, episode 12 is still in production and will be out between a week or so. However, during the time between episode 11 and now, Armen decided to leave The Admin Chickens and YouTube all together. We were very sad to see him go, but he didn't warn us and refused to work on Episode 12 of The Haunted. Because he chose to do this, we had to restructure a lot of how Episode 12 was going to happen. It's still going to be just as awesome and fantastic as we can make it, but due to his sudden leave, Episode 12 ill be the final episode of The Haunted. This doesn't mean the story of Grayson, Mia, or Drake is over. After 12, we will have a new series set in the same world as The Haunted, with the same familiar characters and places. We're going to expand upon what happened in The Haunted and try our hardest to make something new that everyone who is a fan of The Admin Chickens, can enjoy. We'll be releasing some trailers and teasers of this new series after Episode 12 is uploaded. So stay tuned to our channels, if you're interested. We really appreciate all the support you gave us in the comments, on Twitter, and on our website. Thank You for taking the time to watch and have a good day. " - RejectedShotgun (Via: YouTube)

Xikroniczz returns to TAC Edit

On December 21, 2015, Xikroniczz released a YouTube video stating his return in both the series and The Admin Chickens.

"Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a brief update on what's going on with me and my channel. I've gotten a lot of questions and confusion of what's going on with me and The Admin Chickens. I am officially back in The Admin Chickens and in The Haunted and me being back means i'll be in the videos with Drake and Grayson. I'm back in The Haunted as of now, I'm even working on it, and we're also making The Haunted Server. We're trying to make it back a thing, with massive help from LegitxxGlitch. If anything, he is probably the only one working on it, so big props to him. On a side note, I am making a little short on The Haunted and plan to make more in the future on my channel. It's a thing that got me out there, so I feel I should do it. You got me famous and it's just why you guys subscribed to me for, probably. That's how I feel like it. Trust me, It's going to be dramatic and really sad. As of why I left everything before was because I was having personal problems. I felt I just had too, That's kind of my only reason for it..." - Xikroniczz (Via: YouTube)'

RejectedShotgun leaving TAC Edit

As of June 13, 2017, Gamecrown96 has announced TAC's disbandment, which leads to the conclusion that RejectedShotgun left his leadership role for TAC.

"This is the Haunted. The old team (TAC) does not exist anymore. The Haunted is now under my production team and we will create it using different mediums." — Gamecrown96 (Via: YouTube)

History Edit

The Admin Chickens formed around early April of 2013, the name founded by an unknown player in RejectedShotgun's Minecraft server. At that time, The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine was under production, and by part 3 was finished filming, the group RShot Team was changed into The Admin Chickens.

Around early June of 2017, the leader of the group, RejectedShotgun - Overwatch News decides to leave the group, ending the leadership of the group which lead to its disbandment to join The Overwatch Crew.

So far, The Admin Chickens has produced the last 3 movie parts of The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine, all episodes of The Haunted Season 1: Drake, the first two episodes of The Haunted Season 2: Shadow of Herobrine, 2 shorts of The Haunting, and 7 shorts of The Haunted. They will no longer be producing The Haunted.

Productions of The HauntingEdit

Movies Edit

Movie# Movie Part # Aired Prod. Code YT Channel
3 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 3) 3 April 11, 2013 303 RejectedShotgun
3 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 4) 4 October 25, 2013 304 RejectedShotgun
3 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 5) 5 October 27, 2013 305 RejectedShotgun

Shorts Edit

Short Aired YT Channel
"The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 3.5)" September 22, 2013 RejectedShotgun
"White Eyes" October 5, 2013 RejectedShotgun

Productions of The Haunted Edit

Episodes Edit

Season# Episode Ep. # Aired Prod. Code YT Channel
1 "Reunion" 1 June 24, 2014 101 RejectedShotgun
1 "Journey to the Red Keep" 2 July 1, 2014 102 RejectedShotgun
1 "Witnesses" 3 August 6, 2014 103 RejectedShotgun
1 "Time" 4 September 16, 2014 104 RejectedShotgun
1 "Memories" 5 October 2, 2014 105 RejectedShotgun
1 "Sunken Treasure" 6 November 25, 2014 106 RejectedShotgun
1 "Campfire" 6.5 January 6, 2015 106.5 RejectedShotgun
1 "Catacombs (Part 1)" 7 January 13, 2015 107 RejectedShotgun
1 "Catacombs (Part 2)" 8 January 21, 2015 108 RejectedShotgun
1 "The Hunt" 9 February 3, 2015 109 RejectedShotgun
1 "Origins" 10 February 21, 2015 110 RejectedShotgun
1 "Infiltration" 11 March 15, 2015 111 RejectedShotgun
1 "Temptation" 12 June 5, 2015 112 RejectedShotgun
1 "The Magic Library" 13 June 23, 2015 113 RejectedShotgun
2 "The Gateway" 1 March 25, 2016 201 RejectedShotgun
2 "Belly of the Beast" 2 July 10, 2016 202 RejectedShotgun

Shorts Edit

Short Aired YT Channel
"Armenbrine" February 4, 2014 RejectedShotgun
"Red Keep" June 11, 2014 RejectedShotgun
"Entity 303" July 12, 2014 RejectedShotgun
"Armen's Prelude" August 4, 2014 xikroniczz
"Armen's Reveal" November 16, 2014 xikroniczz
"Armen's Corruption" December 30, 2014 xikroniczz
"Armen's Wrath" September 10, 2016 xikroniczz

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