Drake [Drake walking into a town, that was turned into a battleground] It's been four years since I split up with Grayson. We left that day thinking we were victorious, that we'd won. [Flashback to a powerful destruction of a town, including intense high-pitch shrieking] We were wrong. [Returns to Drake, staring down at the ground] Every town I visited was torn into shreds, an army of men could not have caused the destruction that I witnessed. [Drake continues to search the abandoned land] Statues and monuments have been erected in honor of whom I can only assume, had created all of this destruction. [Drake looks at Armenbrine's statue] This world is dying and I know who's to blame. [Drake leaves the town] I haven't given up yet, i'm still looking for other people who could've survived these attacks, but so far I haven't found anyone. I'm hoping that soon I might find the city untouched by this plague, so that I might be able to rescue them, before they are attacked and destroyed inevitably. [Drake continues to explore] I'm not worried however, I found evidence of other people doing what i'm doing, surviving, by hiding out before and after the attacks. A few more knowledgeably skilled people left things behind in hideouts for others to hide and as a result for those few hopeful people, I'd say i'm a little more confident with my ability to survive. [Drake spawns a teleportation circle]
Outro features the official logo of the early Haunted episodes.

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