"The Haunted: Series Teaser Trailer" is the first trailer for Season One of The Haunted series, making its debut on January 8, 2014 on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel and the season was set to release on June 24, 2014 to June 23, 2015, all on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel.

Synopsis Edit


Plot Edit

A view of the many sets for The Haunted is shown as well as Armenbrine being shown.

Shots of Grayson and the Empire Assassin are shown, as Grayson is being chased down by him before having no choice but to jump off a cliff right into the ocean to escape his pursuer.

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Production (The Admin Chickens) Edit

  • (not done)

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Trivia Edit

  • All of the sets featured in this trailer were scrapped for unknown reasons.

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