This series has been put on Halt! Future releases of The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine episodes are unknown.

For the list of episodes and shorts, see The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine Episodes.
The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine
The Haunted- Shadow of Herobrine
Genre Action/Adventure
Format Minecraft Series
Created by RejectedShotgun
Voices of RejectedShotgun
Opening theme N/A
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 2
Running time 15-35 minutes
Website YouTube
Original airing March 25, 2016 - N/A
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The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine is a Minecraft YouTube series set in the Haunted Universe and serves as a sequel to The Haunted. The series was created by RejectedShotgun and the first episode was released online on March 25, 2016.

After the destruction of the diamond, the area surrounding the library has been filled with great amounts of magic. The magic has rapidly been moving outwards causing the world to be warped. As Drake begins to adapt to this new world, he realizes that Armen's spirit is still alive. With the help of Grayson, they both go on a quest yet again to find and save Armen.

The series' production has been suddenly halted due to technical issues, as stated by User:LegitxxGlitch.

Plot Overview (Awaiting Information) Edit

Characters Edit

Major Protagonists Edit

Antagonists Edit

Gallery (Unfinished) Edit

Credits Edit

Cast (Awaiting Information) Edit

Production Group (Awaiting Information) Edit

Episode Reviews Edit

Main article: The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine/Episode Reviews



Settings (Awaiting Information) Edit

  • Drake's Home (Unknown temple of the Badlands)
  • Sacred island
  • Ruined Skyscraper (Modern)
  • Mountain
  • The Gateway to Hell
  • Grand Nether Portal
  • Outer Hell
  • Inner Hell
  • Battle Stadium
  • Death World

Music Edit

  • (unfinished)

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, this series was supposed to be a movie, but it was then turned into a YouTube series.
    • It was named The Haunted: Resurrection, but then was renamed The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine
  • Gamecrown96 had changed accounts to Gamecrown for unknown reasons.

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