The Haunted EpisodesEdit

This is a chart of all episodes in The Haunted

Season 1 (2014-Present)Edit

Ep 1.) THE HAUNTED: Episode One - "Reunion" - YouTube; While looking for some supplies in a recently abandoned village, Drake stumbles across Grayson for the first time since they parted in the Haunting 3 Part 5. After they meet up they discover something evil and begin their own quests.

Ep 2.)  THE HAUNTED: Episode 2 - "Journey to the Red Keep" - YouTube; Grayson and Drake have managed to come up with a plan of action to save Armen. They begin heading to the Red Keep and adventuring.

Ep 3.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 3 - "Witnesses" - YouTube; After taking a rest from their encounter with the nightmare, Grayson and Drake continue their journey to the Red Keep. They get there, but not everything goes as expected...

Ep 4.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 4 - "Time" - YouTube; Grayson and Drake took cover from Armen in a cave previously. Slimey left and they make their way back to the Red Keep to check out the damage. What they find is nothing they had been prepared for.

Ep 5.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 5 - "Memories" - YouTube; Grayson and Drake escape and head through the Red Keep. Shortly after, they have a mysterious encounter and discover something they had thought long destroyed.

Ep 6.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 6 - "Sunken Treasure" - YouTube; Grayson, Mia, and Drake sit around their nighttime campfire and discuss their future plans.

Ep 6.5.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 6.5 - "Campfire" - YouTube; Grayson, Mia, and Drake sit around their nighttime campfire and discuss their future plans.

Ep 7.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 7 - "Catacombs" - YouTube; Grayson, Mia, and Drake all set out from their camp onto their next destination. After they find their destination, they fall through unsteady ground and enter someplace evil.

Ep 8.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 8 - "Catacombs Part 2" - YouTube ;  Grayson, Mia, and Drake all continue through the perilous catacombs. They encounter some strange artifacts and are attacked along the way.However, they continue onward knowing something must be at the end of the tunnels.

Ep 9.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 9 - "The Hunt" - YouTube; Finally out of the catacombs, Grayson, Drake, and Mia travel back to Grayson's house to match up their new map with his. While their goal is to find the Magic Library, they encounter some difficulties along their path.

Ep 10.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 10 - "Origins" - YouTubeConfused and dazed, Drake and Armen try and figure out where exactly they are. Hopefully something good can come out of this...

Ep 11.) THE HAUNTED: Episode 11 - "Infiltration" - YouTube; Grayson, Mia, and Drake spot an Empire scout balloon and follow it back to base camp. What they find sparks an idea they may just be crazy enough to get them to the Magic Library.

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