Red Keep
Production information
Production code 102
Story by
Written by
Storyboards by
Directed by
Broadcast information
Original air date June 11, 2014
Ratings TBA
International dates
"The Haunted: Armen's Prelude"
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The Haunted Short: Red Keep, is the first short of the Haunting Series. The Short made its debut on June 11, 2014 and received both negative and positive reviews.


The Short starts off with Drake and Armenbrine crossing an ancient bridge in the Red Keep Mountains. The Bridge leaded them to the Red Keep, where they reunited with Grayson. The two friends and foe continued walking in the small town of The Red Keep until they make it to the end of the other side of town. Grayson tries to find a switch to open the gates of The Red Keep to exit, but the short blackens and features the logo of The Haunted.


Major Protagonists Edit

  1. Drake
  2. Armenbrine
  3. Grayson

Minor Protagonists Edit

  1. Pragunum

Major Antagonists Edit

  1. N/A

Minor Antagonists Edit

  1. N/A


Although the Short showed us a major spoiler for the show, some fans still gave it a negative review due to Rejected Shotgun making the fans wait for 7 Months.

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