General Edit

Armen's Reveal is the 2nd of three videos released by xikroniczz explaining Armen's backstory. It is mostly set in his POV, much like the first one, but occurs in the years between The Haunting 3's ending and the Haunted.

Plot Edit

Armen is stuck in a square room in the Nether with netherrack and black wool making up the floors, ceiling, and wall. The rock is burning with several fires in the room to light it up, but the wool seems untouched. An iron door against the centre of the far wall leads to a long netherrack hall lit with several firepits.

Armen then remembers a time spent fishing with Drake in the far past.

Attention drawn back to the present, he looks around with blurry vision and goes towards the door.

Next, Armen sees himself fighting a zombie, then turns to Grayson who looks on silently. This is also a memory.

Armen has opened the iron door somehow, without redstone devices, and starts down the hall. He sees his two friends respectively fishing and looking at him again as he heads down, but at the hall's end is the Void, with Herobrine's spirit in Colin's body floating and staring at him through the fog.

Now not in his POV, we see Armen awake as Armenbrine, having burned down a library in a village. The camera zooms away from his one non-white eye and back in, before returning to his POV at the edge of the hall. Armen sees only the void now, and in fear backs down the hall and returns to the room he is caged in, re-seeing his memories of his two friends. He backs in the room against the far wall and hangs his head, seeing Drake one last time.

We then see Armen in the centre with both eyes, staring sadly, as the season title appears and the music fades out.

Trivia Edit

-This video explains how Armen is slowly taken over by Herobrine.

-It can be assumed Herobrine cast a spell on the black wool to make it fireproof and the iron door to make it open-able without redstone.

-The village's location is unknown, as it is in a lake-like plains area, and the other villages in the series either look different or are in other biomes. It may be just another place Armenbrine burned down during his takeover.

-At the video end, the title says to read the description for the canon interpretation if the viewer doesn't understand.

Xikroniczz's interpretation Edit

I couldn't think of a more fitting title than this one! It's more of an informational video of what's going on in The Haunted world. Also thanks to Ross Bugden for the music! You guys could all use his music!!!


The whole point of this was to show that Armen is not dead, but stuck. The nether is suppose to symbolize the corruption and where Armen is trapped. While thinking of good memories Armen gains control but quickly loses it. The memory of Drake, is just fishing and chilling with Armen. The memory of Grayson, is teaching Armen how to fight. - That's at least what I wanted you to get from this!

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