The Haunting is a series in The Haunting Cinematic Universe.

Overview Edit

The Haunting is a hit Minecraft movie series created by the RShot Team, which then transitioned into The Admin Chickens. The first movie was released on February 17, 2012, with its sequel two days after, and it concluded on October 27, 2013. The series ran for 7 (a 5-part finale) movies, which received much positive praise.

Plot Edit

The series commences with Drake and Armen, two odd young men, who discover something lurking in the shadows. They discover that a strange figure is haunting them at their house, and they do whatever means necessary to try to stop him, only to fail after finding a magical artifact known as the Sacred Diamonds and being pushed into a magical void.

Months after, they gain consiousnous at differernt times, both a a jungle cabin in an unknown part of the world. The two reunite and set off on their quest to defeat the figure named Herobrine. They go to find three Sacred Diamonds, before facing off against Herobrine in his homeworld known as the Nether. However, they failed yet again, and this time with punishment, either to sacrifice the life of one and let the other live, or suffer eternal punishment. The latter was chosen, and the two were sent off to an unknown location.

Years after, the two find themselves at a location, discovering its name to be Ruby Shire. After finding it abandoned, and entering a strange building, they mysteriously faint and find themselves in a different location. After exiting that location, two find themselves at the Arctic, where they meet Grayson. Setting on a quest, they then take a portal to the future, where they face off Herobrine in what seems to be the last time, before Armen meets his death with Herobrine. Drake and Grayson part, carrying on with their lives.

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Movies Edit

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No. Title Directed by Written by Origina release date
1 The Haunting: Minecraft Movie Collin Drake Jackson February 17, 2012
2 The Haunting: Second Life Collin Drake Jackson February 19, 2012
3 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - Part 1 Luke Drake Jackson March 8, 2013
4 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - Part 2 Luke Drake Jackson March 28, 2013
5 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine -Part 3 Luke Drake Jackson April 11, 2013
6 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - Part 4 Luke Drake Jackson October 25, 2013
7 The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - Part 5 Luke Drake Jackson October 27, 2013

Shorts Edit


Directed by Written by Original release date
"Brine" Drake Jackson Drake Jackson July 29, 2012
"COLLINCAM.avi" Drake Jackson Drake Jackson August 23, 2012
"Herobrine Sighting" Drake Jackson Drake Jackson September 6, 2012
"MCB-011" Drake Jackson Drake Jackson September 8, 2012
"The Haunting 3 Part 3.5" Drake Jackson Drake Jackson September 22, 2013
"White Eyes" Drake Jackson Drake Jackson October 5, 2013


The first and second movie were produced by the RShot Team, which later became The Admin Chickens during their hiatus. The Admin Chickens then produced all five movies in the five-part finale. Drake Jackson was the writor, editor, and cinematographist for all seven movies, with Collin directing the first two and Luke directing the next five. xikroniczz and Drake Jackson were the set designers for the first two movies, while Grayson Marcus and Drake Jackson were the set designers for the next five.

Movie Reviews Edit

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