"It's the Sacred Dia...!"

The Haunting: Minecraft Movie
Movie 1, Part
Production information
Production code 101
Written by RejectedShotgun
Make-Up Artist
Set Designers RejectedShotgun & xikroniczz
Video Editor RejectedShotgun
Directed by Collincz
Broadcast information
Original air date February 17, 2012
International dates International once aired
"The Haunted: Armen's Prelude (chronologically)"
"The Haunting: Second Life"
The Haunting: Minecraft Movie is the first installment of The Haunting series, making its debut on February 17, 2012 on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel. It is chronologically the second in The Haunting franchise, continuing after the events of The Haunted: Armen's Prelude.
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""Two regular Minecrafters are living in a small poor home discover something strange lurking in the shadows...""
—Movie description

Characters Edit

  1. Drake
  2. Armen
  3. Blacksmith (Mentioned only)
  4. Herobrine
  5. Zombies
  6. Skeletons


Drake and Armen suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. So they decide to get a snack. After having their little snack, Armen suggests that they should go back to bed. Before Drake can even sleep, monsters are looking into his bedroom window. Then they mysteriously get killed. The two are suspicious and decide that it was probably just a coincidence. They then get scared and head out of the room. The door was mysteriously opened and when they investigate, they see a floating arrow, thinking that it wasn't shot by a regular skeleton. Apples start falling from a tree that has grown above their house and they take them. After, the night ends and they are relieved.

The next night, Armen comes back from the Blacksmith shop down the road after he got his sword repaired. Then they head to bed, but are both disturbed by a mysterious man lurking at Drake's window. Then suddenly, the door is broken down by zombies. Drake and Armen head out to kill it. After, the stairs collapses, blocking the door to their bedroom. They after break it open, they head back in, scared. Then the night ends and they are relieved.

The last night, the major trouble starts. They head out, barricading the house. Then suddenly, the door to the basement opens. Reluctantly, they head down and investigate. After, the exit is blocked. So they had no choice but to stay down there. Seeing a secret hatch, they open it up to find a mysterious pathway. They head down and find a long stairway lit by redstone torches that go down very deep, reaching the void. They go down it. After reaching the bottom, they head in more, and suddenly, their pathway back is blocked. So they explore the basement. Jumping a hole, they find the Sacred Diamonds. Not knowing what to do, Herobrine then attacks them. Armen is pushed into the void and soon after, Drake is.


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  • All the models of the house were not the same.
    • The one in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine was wider
    • The one in The Haunted had a differently shaped basement. This included the underground path, which was smaller.


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