[Movie starts with the intro "The Haunting: Minecraft Movie"]
Drake [Wakes up from sleep, then groans and walks towards Armen's room] Where... Hey Armen, you awake? [Enters Armen's room]
Armen Huh? Hm?
Drake I thought I heard you in here. You awake Armen?
Armen [Sighs] What do you want? [Armen gets off his bed]
Drake Uh, a midnight snack again? Kinda hungry.
Armen [Walks exhaustively out of his room] We did this yesterday man. [Mumbles: "Oh My God." ]
Drake [Ah] But, it's so tasty at night... [Both enter Drake's room]
Armen [Looks behind Drake] Close the door, please.
[Drake turns around and closes the door]
Drake Okay.
Armen Thanks. Close this door too.
Drake [Oh Man]
Armen So what do you want? What do you want?
Drake Uh, could I get a ham sandwich, I guess? [You know cooked pork]
Armen Let me see if we have any. Um...Yeah, we do. I think we still have some in the fridge. Yeah, it's there. [Coughs] Here, I'll make it.
Drake Do you wonder how many creepers are outside right now?
Armen I can imagine.
[Armen hands Drake the food]
Drake Oh, thank you.
Armen You want an apple with that by any chance?
Drake Yeah... [Notices something outside] Hey, what the heck? Something was just outside the window. Could've sworn I saw something.
Armen Did you want an apple?
Drake Did you see that?
Armen One sec, I'm eating bro.
Drake [Oh Man] I feel so awake now. [Crap]
Armen Well, let's just go and try to sleep then-
Drake [What in the world?] What was that?
Armen What was what?
Drake [Sighs] Just tired.
Armen Let's go, dude.
Drake G'night man.
Armen Goodnight, bro.
[They enter Drake's room, Armen then enters his]
Drake Hey- I keep seeing stuff, man. What is that?
Armen What is what? I think I just saw a creeper-
Drake It's like a vision or a flash...? Whatever I'm just tired.
Armen Look at how many creepers are out there!
Drake Yeah, it's probably just a skeleton or something.
[Armen walks into Drake's bedroom]
Armen Just go to bed! I'm just going to keep the door open. [Please]
Drake Sounds good.
Armen What- What the-! I- I- Wha- I just- I just saw something.
Drake Dude, It's probably fine. Come on, let's go to sleep.
Armen I feel shaky.
Drake Armen-
Armen I know I saw something. Let's go out-
Drake Dude, the door just opened.
[They enter the Main Room]
Drake I s- Oh [no], I could've sworn I saw something. Maybe a zombie's in our house?
They go outside
Armen Wait, let's go check. Slip out the porch.
Drake Is that a skeleton over there?
Armen Repair this new house you bought. This house costed five diamonds.
Drake I know...but, I mean, it's haunted and it's crappy. At least I think it's haunted, with all the creepy stuff that's been happening, but-
Armen I wanna go to bed! What the- Did you block that? I can't break it.
Drake Dang! We can't even get to our rooms! Oh, my [gosh] my axe, it's in my-
Armen I think I have something in the furnace...I'll just use my hand. I'll break my hand. You just go upstairs and see what's happening, or just, like, discover the house.
[Drake follows his instructions and walks up the stairs until he sees on step missing]
Drake Hey Dude, this stair is missing [Armen says "Ow My hands" in the background] Dude, we're missing some stairs. I mean, dude, we're missing a stair. It took me forever to fix these stairs. I'm pissed.
Armen [Looks, Chuckles] I don't care, let's just go to bed.
Drake Let's run to bed, please. I'm a little bit terrified right now. Oh man, there's skeletons outside. That's scary.
Armen Goodnight dude! [Jumps on bed, Skeleton takes damage]
Drake Hey, there's something happening with the skeletons outside. Are they shooting each other?
Armen Stop talking to yourself and go to bed!
Drake I was kinda talking to you, but...
Armen Gah.
Drake Hey, there's some floating orbs outside. [Armen enters, mutters "My gosh Drake"] Look, there are floating orbs outside my window.
Armen That is freaky.
[Herobrine appears outside the window]
Both Woah-! Ah-! Oh-! Woah-!
Drake Woah! Woah! Holy crap,
Armen I'm going to lock the doors there's a creeper outside
Drake Godangit. The last time I dealt with a creeper...
Armen Here I locked the doors. Dude. [Apples fall in]
Drake Dude, there's apples falling from the sky. Is there a tree above? Did the tree already grow?
Armen I think it grew, um...It could have grown overnight, that's true. Oh yeah, there's a tree out there. I just- from the tree.
[Zombie's start banging on the door]
Drake Zombie!
Armen Oh, crap. Oh, crap. Oh, crap. Oh, crap. I'll grab my bow.
Drake um...Do we have anything?
[Door smashes, Zombies get in.
Drake He's in! [Armen: "Crap, crap, crap, crap." and shuts bedroom door] What do we do?
Armen Uh...Whatdowedo? Whatdowedo? Whatdowedo? Whatdowedo? Whatdowedo? Whatdowedo?
Drake I don't have any weapons! I'm empty. I'm builder remember?
Armen Wait a sec, what is he going after? He's going after something. He's not going after our door.
Drake He's breaking into the basement?
Armen Yeah...
Drake I don't dare go down there. That place is creepy.
Armen Maybe he's like, following something. [Zombie appears in front of the door. Both scream.]
Drake Hurry, get in you room now! Don't you have extra diamonds you can turn into weapons?
Armen he's going away. Wait, he's going away.
Drake What? I can't see what's going on! What's happening?
Armen Oh my gosh! I just saw some flying thing.
Drake Uh...I don't know any flying mobs
Armen [Gasps and starts freaking out] Look at that person out there! Was that a person?
Drake Dude, the zombie just exploded.
Armen Come on, dude. Let's just go outside. Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh my [gosh], I almost got shot.
Drake Ah! Doh, let me in! I was face-to-face with a skeleton, oh crap. Ohh. I have no weapons I would've been screwed if i got shot.
Armen I'll just get out my sword just in case.
Drake It's coming. It's coming, dude. I do not feel safe about this.
Armen It's broken. It's okay, though. It's broken.
Drake Oh, crap.I'm terrified right now. Kill him for me please.
Armen What- What the?
Drake That thing has been damaged so much, you use that metal all the time, it can't possiby do any damage. Even it it's diamond. It's so old.
Armen [Gasp] Oh my gosh. Did you- Did you just see that?
Drake What? What's going on? Hey, it's daylight. We got a break. The monsters will start dying. Hopefully whatever that thing was will go away too. I think we're good.
Armen 'kay, so we'll wait until it's night.

Night TwoEdit

[Second Intro "The Haunting: Night Two"]
[Drake stands in the attic, looking outside through a window]
Drake [Exhales heavily] Dang man, I'm scared- [Armen interupts]
Armen WHO HOO! Drake i'm back!
Drake Oh! Sorry i was just-
Armen [Walks up stairs] I was killing some monsters with this epic sword i repaired. There's like an epic sword repair shop all the way across the street, over there.
Drake Oh.
Armen I'll show you it tomorrow. [Drake interrupts, "alright"] It's so epic.
Drake [Drake walks downstairs into the main room] Hey, i'm going to fix the little window. I just realized it would be perfect for skeletons or spider jockeys to just... [Thinks about it] [Mumbles]...wham us, so...
Armen Okay, i'll barricade the door cause... [Drake walks past him and sees an apple, he says "Hey"] I'm going to do that every singe night.
Drake Trees putting some apples here again. It's nice...It just like throws them in here. [Phew] Man i don't want any Zombies getting in here.
Armen I barricaded the doors, okay? I fixed the floors too.
Drake Okay.
Armen [Breathes deeply] Let's just go to bed.
Drake [Walks into bedroom, more relaxed] Sounds good.
Armen Just need to get a quick grab [snack, whatever...]
Drake [Exhales] I'm to energized, man. This is ridiculous.
[Armen walks in]
Drake Alright, i'll just- i'll try to settle myself down.
Armen [Ignoring Drake's comment] It sucks man, didn't find any diamonds today. It's sad.
Drake You know, you mean- It's not like you find diamonds everyday. You know.
Armen [Laughs softly] If we go mining every day we might.
Drake That's true but, i would not be disappointed in the day when we don't go mining. [You Just, you know. I mean...starting on days...when we don't miss.]
[Armen Laughs at Drake's confusion]
Drake Whatever, you get my point. [Notices Herobrine at his window.] [Stands completely still]
Armen [In the distance] You have a CD?
Drake [Turns around, looks at Armen's room] Dude, umm. Are there any Zombies outside?
Armen [Armen walks out of his room] Uh, i just saw a Zombie pass by. Should i go kill it?
Drake Do Zombies carry bows? I've never seen a Zombie that carried a bow before.
[Armen walks towards the window and sees Herobrine flying past it]
Drake [Continues]...I think that was a Zombie.
Armen OH SHIII- [Runs away from the window]
Drake [Confused]Was that the Zombie again? [Walks towards mirror]
Armen I don't think that was a Zombie![Begins to rain] [Changes subject] Oh! i went down to the library-
Drake [Interrupts] OH! A storm hit.
Armen ['kay, that's Ironic] Okay, well i went to the library and searched up 'Hauntings'...There's this guy name Herobrine. His original name was Collin. Uh, like a normal person...
[Both turn around]
Drake Tell me about it later. I think we may have an intruder.
[Both walk to the room door and peak through a hole]
Armen OH MY GOD. What the-
[They exit the room and walk into the Main Room. They notice a Pumpkin on top of the wooden planks that helped barricade the main door opening.]
Armen [Laughs] Is that a pumpkin man?
Drake [Laughs gently] Did somebody put a pumpkin? I think we might be dealing with a griefer. Oh man, i don't feel nearly as scared now.
Armen I'll go get all of our diamond armor. [Walks into his room]
Drake You still have that old set? You haven't fought a battle with diamond armor in ages.
Armen I know, even my sword.
Drake [Walks towards Pumpkin] This is ridiculous, a Pumpkin? [Notices (through a hole) something flying on the roof]
Armen I'm gonna be changing, don't bug m-
Drake [Interrupts]Woah, woah, woah, woah. Something just happened up there.
Armen One sec, i'm changing.
Drake Dude [Almost walks into room] I won't come in, but... I could have sworn i just saw someone up at the vines.
Armen [Walks out the room with diamond armor on] I'm gonna kill this griefer. Oh wait, I barricaded the door. I don't want to break it. Forget it. [Phew] I'll just stay out, protect.
Drake Alright. [Walks up the stairs to the attic] I'll stay up here. Oh wow. [Notices the vines] We need to clean this place up. [Armen enters]
Armen I'll take down the vines. [Slowly chops vines with sword]
Drake Man, you can't be that tired.
Armen [Irritated] I was like out fighting all day! What do you think?!
Drake Maybe you can be that tired. [walks down the stairs]
Armen [Sighs]
[Footsteps and glass breaking]
Armen [From the distance] Are you seriously breaking windows again? Do we have to like go through this counseling thing all over?
Drake Dude, I'm not breaking any windows. Who was that? I heard glass shattering. [Pause] Behind you. [Walks towards basement door] This door is open, I swear to God I didn't open it. It's the door to the basement, i'm not going down in there man. I get a bad feeling whenever I go down there
Armen [Walks down stairs] The story of Herobrine. It's true then, the book of Herobrine... Collin.
Drake How can we be sure the book of Herobri-
Armen [Shouts] Collin! Do something now! Tell us that you're here or something.
Drake Dude, we're not ghost hunters. I'm pretty sure that's all fake. It doesn't work like that.
Armen [looks down then raises head] Okay tell us, why are you haunting us? Give us.. uh...a reason and our house is leaking...
Drake [Walks down basement] Hold on, there's got to be something down here. I saw it, the door was open! [looks away towards a torch] Hey we didn't place a- did we place a torch down here before?
Armen [Walks down in basement] Huh? [Walks to torch] [Confused] We had a torch?! Howcha make it?
Drake I don't think- [Falls into hole] Oh, ow. I fell in a hole. [Walks out]
Armen Wait a hole? What the-
[Door opens in the distance]
Armen Shh. [Walks up basement stairs]
Drake I heard a noise. The door. It was...uh [Walks up stairs]
Drake [Whispers] Damn it.
Armen See, Herobrine.
Drake There's got to be some materials down here. That would be useful.
Armen I have to tell you the story of Herobrine.
Drake Alright, I'll take a little...sit. [Sits down] Go ahead.
Armen So, his name was Collin.
[Door opens upstairs] [Both look up]
Armen He was...corrupt-...ed.
Drake What was that?
Armen [Sighs Heavily] Ah, i just heard creepy sounds. [Walks up stairs]'s gone. With an apple, dude. [Walks down].
[Both walk up to Main Room]
Armen And a lava bucket?
Drake Dude, someone is here. A bucket of- [Looks up at front wall window, sees Herobrine] [Gasps] Window, window, window, window. Someone there.
Armen [Gasps]
Drake It was a man, and he had pale, white eyes. [Sees him again] There he is.
Armen Herobrine, it has to be Herobrine. Collin! We know it's you!
Drake [Arrow shoots Drake] Ah! I'm shot!
Armen You okay dude?
Drake Yeah. It's just a matter of a fresh wound. I'll take the arrow off in my room. [Walks into room]
Armen Collin, It's okay. We're no threat. [Drake walks out of room] You want to tell us something? Write it down, do something. Just, don't mess with us. We don't want...[Uncertainly] anything...
[Door Opens]
Armen Did you...a door?
Drake Uh. Sorry.
Armen You're freaking me out man!
Drake Sorry! I'm paranoid myself right now, we're being haunted by something. [Looks out the window] Oh, is that daylight? I think I see daylight.
Armen No, it's not daylight.
Drake Well, as soon as it turns day, i'll be glad. [looks through window, sees sunrise] Yeah, look the sun is rising. The man only attacks us at night. I think we'll be safe throughout the day.
Armen I'll go search it up at the library.
Drake Alright.
Armen [Turns around and gasps] Dude.
Drake Just wait for the sun to come out. Maybe he's repelled by the sun
Armen [Stutters] I saw...
Drake Listen. Most monsters are repelled.
[TNT block falls in the room]
Armen What the freak?! Look down, look at that!
Drake It's dynamite, some TNT. Well listen, is Herobrine repelled by the sun like most monsters? 'Cuz if so...
Armen It said no. In the book it said it still haunts. Maybe it could, but it haunts when it haunts... but the sacred diam-
[Glass breaks, Drake turns around and sees Herobrine flying in the main room]
Drake [Shocked] Herobrine.
[Herobrine flies out of the house and drops another glass bottle that contains poison]
[Armen coughs]
Drake Is that... poison?
Armen I did say the sacred diamonds.
[Drake walks into his room]
Drake I think...[mumbles, unknown sentence (15:36 - 15:40 ] us. C'mon, it's daytime. We should be safe from his curse.
Armen Do no say, that...thing...something. Do not say it.
Drake [Confused] What?
Armen [Walks closer to Drake] Do not say what i just said.
Drake I wasn't paying attention to what you just said. I was kind of paranoid.
Armen THE...SACR-...ED. DIA-...MONDS. [Drake says "I'll be sure to remember that" in backround"] You will burst into flames, do not say that word, [Whispers] Ever. [Walks towards room door]
Drake Yet you are not touched.
Armen [Open room door, then yells] AH! [Squeals]
Drake This doesn't make sense he shouldn't be attacking us, it's daylight. Oh, it's just a zombie.
[Zombie comes in, Armen kills it]
Armen I think it's done attacking us.
Drake I doubt it.
Armen He just wants something.
Drake Whatever happens, i'm taking a nap now. I can't stand this. Good day man, good day.

Night ThreeEdit

Stopped at 28:00

[Third and final intro, "The Haunting: Night 3"]
[Drake breathing heavily, looking off into the distance through the attic window.]
[Herobrine flies past him, Drake walks back surprised.]
Drake Woah, what? Woah...woah, woah, woah, woah. Armen, armen, Armen! Oh my gosh.
Armen [In the distance] Yeah?
Drake Where are you man?
Armen Yeah, I'm outside.
Drake Armen, I'm coming down stairs. Where are you?
[Armen walks through the main room door]
Armen Here am I! I'm outside, i'm outside. What? I was getting a book from the library, what?
Drake I thought i saw him. i thought i saw him, fly...uh. [phew] It was scary.
Armen I'm gonna get an apple very fast. [Eats Apple]
[Drake walks towards attack door and sees an arrow stuck on it.]
Drake Dude? Is there a skeleton in the house?
Armen Yeah it was following me all the way home and i had no armor, so i was just like... running. Holy crap, it must have some really good aim! Look at this! It's an arrow.
Drake Oh. Yeah, i figured it was an arrow. [Walks down the stairs] Where is it?
Armen Where did the skeleton go?
Drake Who opened our door?
Armen What? Oh no, i came in and uh... huh.
Drake You didn't close the door, nice going. No wonder the skeleton came.
Armen [Closes door] I'm gonna go get another apple, you want one?
Drake I guess so. Actually I take that back, I'm not that hungry. I don't want to get any fatter than what I already am. [Pause] Do you smell that? Are you cooking something in the stove?
[Sizzle noise in the basement]
Armen Wait...what...what the.
Drake Is something burning?
[Both Armen and Drake head to the basement]
Drake Why is the basement- [Doesn't finish sentence]
Armen Woah. What the-
Drake There's a bright light and there's... a dark place. [Sees skeleton in a hole] Skeleton.
Armen Where?
Drake He's in that cave, just go down there, please and kill him. I don't want him to-
Armen [Confused] Where, which cave, which cave?
Drake There, he's down there. Please just... I don't want to-
Armen Where am I going?!
[Skeleton walks out of hole]
Armen Oh it's right here!
Drake Oh man, oh man! [Hides] Get him away, get him away! Oh man.
Armen [Phew] HA!
Drake Where's that bright light? It just seemed to be coming out of thin air.
Armen It's like a ghostly, freaking cobweb.
Drake It's a glowing cobweb?
Armen We saw this like a million times, Drake. [Drake: Woah, woah, woah] I can't believe you don't know what that is.
Drake Woah, Woah, Woah. Why is there wood? Do you see that?
Armen That was already there, those were repaired. Remember? The repair man came. They tried to repair this place, but they couldn't, so. They disappeared somehow, they never came up and got their money.
Drake Could they be trapped down there? Maybe they... installed from the inside or something. Maybe they are trapped, we can save them!
Armen I'll get the tools to get them out.
Drake I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but crap it's...
Armen I'll get the tools, dude.
Drake Hurry. I'll just be waiting here. Oh man. [Get's close to the hole] [Heroically]] "If anyone is in there, we're coming to save you." [Phew]
Armen [Armen enters Basement] It's just me, it's just me.
Drake Got to be there, got to be there because there's a light.
Armen [Starts digging and breaking wood] 'K. [Grunts]
Drake Nice axe. Wow, did you get that today?
Armen Yeah i got this one with sticks and some diamonds.
Drake Nice.
Armen [Breaks wood] Yes, I broke it. [Continues breaking wood] It could take a while.
Drake Yeah, that's a lot of wood there.
Armen There's a door! [Enters hole]
Drake There's a door? [Enters hole] Woah. There is a door.
[Armen opens door and enters] [Drake proceeds as well]
Drake Close every door behind you. [Closes door]
[Light shines in the cave]
Armen Dude, Fire, fire! Let's get out of here! [Runs in deeper]
Drake Oh my god, fire! [Runs behind Armen] What the hell? Oh god, we're... [Fire, fire, fire
Armen Look dude.
Drake [coughs] Just a little bit of smoke down here.
Armen Ah, dang it. My tool broke. God dang it.
Drake Dude, what are bricks doing under our house.
Armen I don't know, let's just go in.
[Zombies moaning]
Drake Looks like something exploded here.
Armen It's like falling in half. Hey dude, our way is blocked. Oh crap.
Drake How?! How are these things happening?
Armen Just keep on going, i don't even want to go back here.
Drake I'm scared, man. I'm scared, i'm scared. This has got to be a bad dream or something. What...?
Armen Hey dude, do you feel this? [Punches Drake]
Drake OW! Go- YES! Okay, we're not dreaming, man.
Armen Have you looked? Look at that place down there!
Drake It goes down so far.
Armen I'm scared, we're getting followed.
Drake [Sighs] I guess we can go for it. I mean what else can we do, we're trapped down here right?
Armen Well i don't want to die.
Drake You have a sword, don't you?
Armen Yup.
Drake Go down.
Armen If he dies on me, i'm gonna cry. Let's go down slowly, there might be booby traps here. Iron!
Drake I feel like i'm being watched. It's scary.
[Silence, while walking down deeper in the cave]
Armen Does it feel like a scary movie? Something...
Drake Yeah, it kinda does feel like we're in a scary movie.
Armen AH! Oh, my god. There's a... uh... stair skipped here.
Drake God, i feel like i'm being watched right now. It's the worst feeling ever.
Armen So much burnt torches.
Drake Huh, oh! Double burnt torches. Oh god.
Armen [Repeats "Ow" several times] Too high. Wow, that's a deep fall. I think i can see bedrock down here. [Grunts as he continues going down]
Drake Oh, that's a little bit deep for my likings. Oh.
Armen [Squeals]
Drake Ah, WOA!
Armen This is freaking scary.
Drake Come on, come on. Let's just.
Armen I feel like we're getting teased by a griefer or something.
Drake Please, a griefer doing... this? It’s a huge amount of… no griefer would take the time to do this.
[Both reach the end of the staircase. Begin to move down hallway]

[sound of skeleton shooting arrow)]

Armen [Turns to look at Drake] Did you hear that?!
Drake It’s like arrows. Is there a skeleton? There’s an arrow in the wall.
[Drake and Armen walk over to the arrow]
Armen [looks around] I don’t see anything. Maybe a booby trap.
Drake These torches look old and burnt. They’re just going off of the...
Armen [Interrupts] There’s a pathway
Drake Redstone in the walls.
Armen There’s a pathway this way. Watch out! Just go through with it. Burns.
Drake [Mutters] Ok. Move around it. Little bit inconvenient.
[Drake and Armen continue down the passageway]
Drake Woah. [Starts speaking unclearly]
Armen Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! [Pit to the void comes into view]
Drake [Moves to edge of pit] What is that!?
Armen The void.
Drake Is that- Is that obsidian down there? Lava-
Armen [Interrupts]] We could try.
Drake I’d rather not jump down there.
Armen Woah. Do you see fire?
Drake Fire? [Walks back towards passage, sees fire] Oh! Oh! Something’s on fire over there! Something's on fire!
Armen [Walks towards fire] Yup. Dude, I got this book at the library. Look at this book. Hold on, look at this.
Drake Oh yeah! You were going to tell me about that. But we kinda got trapped inside a cave. [coughs] Deep underground with lots of smoke.
Armen Exactly! [Pauses] This book has to say something about it. I’ll look through it.
Drake Alright… um… hey, what’re we going to do about this- [sound of an arrow being shot]
Armen Ow! What the frick!? I got hit! [coughs] Like by an arrow or something. [coughs]
Drake [Coughs] All the smoke down here. [groans]


I can’t read this book! I came up with something about always goes bad! Dude this is the truth! The sacr-- diamonds- and the- Collin and the Herobrine- [says something indecipherable]
Drake Dude, you said it! You said it! [They both look around]
Armen [Laughs] Nobodys gonna know one. [Turns and heads back towards void pit]
Drake Dude, somebody lit up this fire. There’s fire, there’s fire! Come on I’m not gonna stay here-
Armen Hero- Hero- Herobrine! He’s right there! Dude! He’s right there! [breathing heavily]
Drake I’m jumping across.
Armen He was behind the fire looking at us!
Drake I’m jumping across. [Armen moves towards the fire, Drake turns towards pit] Ok.
Armen Multiple fires. There’s no way to go back. There’s no way.
Drake Ok. Ready? Wish me luck. Just wish me luck. Watch out…
Armen You are lucky. Do not miss it.
Drake [Jumps & Screams] [Lands on the otherside] What? [Sees three diamonds]
Armen Drake, wait, I’m coming. Don’t do anything.
Drake Jump it now. Jump it now.
Armen [Jumps and Groans] Ah, my legs. [Gasps] Dude! The Sacre- Diamonds!
Drake Those could be any diamonds!
Armen [Interrupting Drake] It’s the Sacre- Diamonds.
Drake Those could be any diamonds! How could they… How would you know they were… Sacred? They just look like- let's mine them
Armen No, dude. In the inner.. in the inner side it’s like an ancient [Sound of arrows being shot] burial ground. Dude, we’re being shot at! Take cover! [ducks behind diamonds]
Drake [Unintelligible noises] [Runs behind diamonds into a pit]

[Sound of arrow being shot] [More noises from one of them]

Armen Okay I’m shooting it, dude! Can’t see crap in the fog! [Drake comes out of hiding] Herobrine and zombies! Crap!
Drake Zombies, I see zombies.
Armen [Says something] Dude! We’re screwed! We’re screwed! We can’t get out of here! We don’t have a pickaxe or anything!
[Zombie sounds]
Drake Do you think… What if we’re imagining all of this! What if- [more groaning from zombies] Oh, we gotta be imagining this. Uh… a ghost...uh...who’s trapping us with… diamonds…?! What?! None of this makes any sense....Oh god….
Armen Inside these diamonds there is a-
[Fire gets lit on the other side of the void pit]
Drake Fire.
Armen I can’t say it! Something bad always goes wrong!
[Stone blocks placed over pit, hiding Him.]
Drake Stone, stone.
Armen [screams]
Drake Oh, dude, is there someone there? There’s gotta be someone there. I just saw it.
Armen I just saw something….The sacred diamonds, the sacred diamonds, the sacred diamonds, the sacred diamonds.
Drake Should we mine them? Do we mine them?
[Fire spreads]
Armen [Gasps]
Drake The fire’s getting closer. What do we do with these things?
Armen The sacred diamonds… uh, we… break this spell we have to do something which I can’t read. I- I gotta look at this book. I want to read it really really fast. [Takes out book]
Drake I’ll watch you, I’ll guard you with my life for this. I don’t care anymore. Oh man… I feel like I’m gonna die ‘cause of this.
Armen Uhh… [I don't know how to read this] The book got burned! I can’t tell how it got… destroyed.
Drake I have an idea. How bout we mine it? That seems like a proper thing to do.
Armen Do you see those feet? [Someone appears to be hiding behind the stone hanging over the void pit]
Drake Right-
Armen I find it! I found the book- [Drops book in flames] My hand! I got forced to! It like possessed me for two seconds!
Drake It just...
Armen We lost the book!
Drake Alright. Do you have a pickaxe, do you have any kind of pickaxe?
Armen No.
Drake Crap. What do we do, what do we do…
Armen I hear mining I hear mining I hear mining! The only way is to tease him, is to tease Herobrine. The sacred diamonds, collin is douchebag and a freaking stupid person.
Drake Why would- Why would you call him by his real name and then insult him- Are you like, wishing him to... [Gets hit by arrow]
Armen [Squeals]
Drake [Groans]]
Armen You okay dude, get up! Man, what are you doing? [Drake continues groaning]
[Drake gets hit by another arrow] [Walks inside a small cave nearby]
Drake Not another.
Armen You suck c***, just start ignoring us! You suck!
[Roof behind sacred diamonds collapse]
Drake You see how he's breaking in? What do we do?
Armen Drake, come down here! Look at this, I found something.
Drake Wait, what?
Armen [Jumps and gasps] Drake, come here, look at this! There's something here!
Drake Dude, I have arrows to get out of my hips. I rather not move too much right now.
[Both walk near the void]
Armen I know there's something there! [Gasps]
Drake There's something-
Armen Dude, behind you! Dude, BEHIND YOU! [Screams] [Falls into void]
Drake Armen! Oh god, Armen. Oh god, I'm probably gonna die. [Hides behind sacred diamonds] Arrows, inside me. [Apples fall from on top of sacred diamonds] Armen, is that you? Armen? Come on. [Tries to put off fire] go out, fire. [Grunts]
[Drake jumps towards the fire, gets hit by arrow] [Fire stops]
Drake It's so dark. [Walks back to sacred diamonds]. Oh god, oh no.
Whisper Now yours, now.
Drake Armen, is that you?
Whisper [Unknown noise]
Drake [Walks towards void]
Whisper [Long whisper] Heeey.
Drake [Looks behind him, sees Herobrine holding a sword, staring at the sacred diamonds]
[Drake freaks out] [Herobrine turns around and hits Drake]
Drake NOOOO! [Falls into void]

End creditsEdit

[Movie ends with a line "In memory of Drake and Armen"]

Transcript InformationEdit


Writers: This Transcript was written by ToiletNinja, K1tty153, and DuskDragon39

  • K1tty153: Night 1 writer, 0:00 - 7:38
  • ToiletNinja: Night 2 writer, (7:39 - 16:36) and writer of the beginning half & the last 3 minutes of Night 3, (16:37 - 22:59) (28:00 - 30:36)
  • DuskDragon39: Half of Night 3 writer, (23:00 - 28:00)

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