"Herobrine, I choose eternal punishment"
—Drake in the end of the film

The Haunting: Second Life
Movie 2, Part
Production information
Production code 201
Written by RejectedShotgun
Make-Up Artist
Set Designers Collincz
Video Editor RejectedShotgun
Directed by Collincz
Broadcast information
Original air date Febraury 19, 2012
International dates International once aired
"The Haunting: Minecraft Movie"
"The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 1)"
The Haunting: Second Life is the second installment of The Haunting series, making its debut on February 19, 2012 on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel. This movie is chronologically the third in The Haunting franchise, continuing after the events of The Haunting: Minecraft Movie.
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"Armen and Drake find themselves alive months after they had vanished. In an adventure to stop the one who dropped them into the void, they must find a way to collect all of the uh... SACRED DIA-"
—Movie description

Characters Edit

  1. Drake
  2. Armen
  3. The Old Man in the Woods (Mentioned)
  4. Herobrine
  5. Zombies
  6. Skeletons
  7. Zombie Pigmen
  8. Slimes
  9. Creepers
  10. Spiders
  11. Cave Spiders
  12. Blazes
  13. Ghasts
  14. Magma Cubes


Drake wakes up after his fall into the void in the previous movie. He sees that he wakes up in a cabin out in the middle of a jungle. He looks at a journal inscribed into the wall. It was talking about the person meeting someone in the woods. The two talked about temples and such. He was in trouble and at the end it said "Herobr-help."

Armen then comes with a map and leather armor on and see Drake. He tells Drake about the other man, who had gave him the map for the area. It shows three temples and one central one where the three biomes meet. So they decide to explore each of the temples.

When they reach the central temple, they chose to go to the Snow temple first. They head in (not done)


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  • On The Haunted episode "Origins," the life decision scene between Drake and Herobrine and others can be seen during the minecart ride.
  • On The Haunted episode "Sunken Treasure," the cabin is found in the jungle.
  • This was the movie with the second smallest amount of producers. The first was the prequel.
  • This was the first film to have more than one shot because of a mistake.


  • Due to having a creeper sneak up on Drake, they had to cut that scene after the creeper explodes and make a new shot. This shot was a continuous of what happened with the creeper.