[Intro: The Haunting: Second Life]

Drake: [Gasps] [Sigh] Wha- What? [Looks around] [Reading from Signs] Today I met a man in the jungle. He is friendly. I told the man of him and he understood. We talked of Him and I explained the temples. He understood that too. Together, maybe we can fight alongside and destroy Herob- Help. What the... [Spots Him] What the heck? [Screams, dives back into room/cave] Oh my god! Ahh! No!! Him. It's Him. [Random whistling] [Gasping] Hel- Hello? Hello?

Armen: [Stops whistling] Drake?

Drake: Armen?

Armen: How'd you get here? Wha- How?

Drake: Armen? What is going on?

Armen: Well, after I fell in the void, I don't know about you, after I fell in the void I got here and I met this man. He's really cool man. He's really cool. Really cool. [Nods]

Drake: Did he write these things on the wall?

Armen: Yeah... um... I couldn't understand this one [Points to last sign (Herob- Help)]

Drake: It looks like-

Armen: Don't! Try to... say..

Drake: It looks like he was trying to finish this one. That's what I kinda got out of it... But then he wrote “help” like... he needed help

Armen: It’s HIM.

Drake: So, wait. What you’re saying is…

Armen: Yes. [Nods]

Drake: Oh.

Armen: What happened when… yeah. So how to you? (Probably means “So how about you?” or “What happened to you?”) After I fell in the void, I was looking up and all I saw was you turning around and me… well, you know.

Drake: Yeah… um… I survived a bit longer… I think…  yeah...and then

Armen: And then what happened?

Drake: I saw Him… He wasn’t there, but then He was there… and out of nowhere… then I was in the void too… and now I’m here. So what’s going on?

Armen: You were gone for a month! Wha- How? You were there for a month, then.

Drake: Yeah… I don’t know. I just… It was like, no time to me. I just was instantly here… Every bone in my body still hurts… Every muscle is aching still. Especially- [Armen interrupts]

Armen: The old man said it was a month for me too. Well, he was here for a really, really long time. And then [Drake mutters something, possibly “That’s what I said”] he fell in here like a month ago, so he was here TWO months ago….

Drake: [Sigh]

Armen: So, it’s the same story, so… that means He’s haunting everyone.

Drake: He…

Armen: Don’t.

Drake: Is dangerous.

Armen: [Laughs] He is.

Drake: So what are these signs talking about? Is this talking about you, “The man in the jungle?”

Armen: Yes. Um…

Drake: You.. you said something about temples? What’s that about?

Armen: Temples to stop Him. There’s these Sacred Diamon- oh. Crap.

Drake: You didn’t finish it. You should be safe, right?

Armen: I don’t think so… but yes, kinda.

Drake: So, yeah. I know-

Armen: Those! If we get those, that we last left off with, ‘cause that’s all I remember. That, and me falling into the void.

Drake: Yeah?

Armen: So, we got to get those. He say it scrambled. It wasn’t here. Then he saw a big light and me falling. From over there. On that beach.

Drake: So… they’re scrambled?

Armen: They’re scrambled into temples.

Drake: So… they are in temples.

Armen: Yes.

Drake: Do you have any idea where these temples are?

Armen: Well, he gave me a map… and I got some tools… Okay. He gave me this map. It’s supposed to be over there. Um… [pulls out compass] So watch..  it’s like… west...south… I can’t read it.

Drake: Well, that’s helpful.

Armen: South...west?

Drake: Um…

Armen: South-west, maybe?

Drake: It’s a little bit dark… Do you think it will be safe to travel?

Armen: Yes, cause if we stay here, not to much longer, then we will die.

Drake: Yeah… kinda got that feeling. Think we should go.

Armen: [Opens chest]

[Skeleton shoots an arrow]

Armen: Yeah… uh..

Drake: Skelly. [Says something else]

Armen: I’m taking this water bottle. [Drake interrupts, hiding next words] (Says something, possibly: “What do you think abou it?”)

Drake: Skeletons

Armen: [Gives water to Drake] We gotta go now.

Drake: Thanks.

Armen: Now. [Exits shelter] Well we gotta go [Hit with arrow] to the three biomes- Uhg

Drake: Look out!

Armen: It’s owwww freak

Drake: Oh watch out, man.

Armen: We gotta run out. That’s it. We gotta run to the temples.

Drake: Sounds good. Where’s- Where do we find the first one? I mean, is it too far? I’m pretty out of shape right now.

Armen: I- I was looking for the temples and I couldn’t find it, and then I came back and… he’s not here. I mean, I never- I never even knew his name. We gotta get out of here now.

[They exit the shelter]

Drake: I’m sorry. I can tell you guys got pretty close. [They start parkouring. Drake falls] Uh. Dang it. Yeah, I gotta get back into shape.

Armen: I told you, we have no time. He could be back any second now. It’s funny he’s not… doing anything.

Drake: Yeah… you’d expect after we’d said all those things... [Armen laughs]

Armen: We did get shot though.

Drake: Yeah, that’s true.

Armen: Either that, or it was the skeletrons. That’s my nickname for them.

Drake: Yeah… Sounds more like a robot. “Skeletrons”

Armen: [Laughs] [Come up to a dead end in forest] I can’t break it.

Drake: [Falls] Woah, woah, waoh. Dang. Don’t look down. I can’t even see the bottom.

Armen: Over here. [Laughs] I know. It’s too foggy.

Drake: How could you-? Yeah… I find the situation a little bit serious, but your laughter kinda… liven’s the mood up a little.

Armen: Let’s keep going dude. We gotta get out of here. Find these temples.

Drake: [Odd sound]

Armen: Slide down these vines. Just grab on to them. [Falls] Not like me. I just failed. [Easts]

Drake: [Slides down] Got it. So-

Armen: Yeah.

Drake: Man…. this is not very solid ground.

Armen: It’s kinda hard to travel on.

Drake: Yeah. “Kinda” is an understatement.

[Arrow get’s shot]

Armen: AH! We’re getting shot at! Take cover! Come on! Up a tree!

Drake: We need a place to hide. Now.

Armen: We’re almost there.

Drake: Hey, what's that? [Zombie noises] It’s a skeleton.

Armen: Wait dude! Right here! Here it is! [Get’s shot] I finally found it! I think it’s one of the temp- temples? [Kills Skelly]

Drake: Yeah, there’s glass and stone. There’s something in there.

Armen: Wait- Is that the three- The Sebbba sebba. (Don’t ask. That’s what it sounds like)

Drake: Sebba?

Armen: We gotta go to the temples. This is not a temple.

Drake: There is-

Armen: Wait, over here. Three biomes like, go together. It’s here. The sand biome, the snow biome, and the jungle.

Drake: (Says something unintelligible.)

Armen: I think we first have to go through the snow.

Drake: Yeah, snow is definite. I mean, look. It’s in order here. [Walks back to glass/stone structure.] There’s snow in here, then woo-

Armen: Wood, and then sand.

Drake: You know, that’s jungle wood… And then sand, so…

Armen: So that means snow. We have to go through the snow. Let’s go look for it. Come on, we gotta hurry.

Drake: This is happening so fast, it’s just [Armen kills zombie] it’s difficult to process. Creeper!

Armen: -Weird creature. It has no arms.

Drake: It’s a creeper. I seen those for sure.

Armen: I’ve lost too much memory dude. It’s like- I don’t. [Sees Ice Temple] [Gasp] There it is.

Drake: Woah.

Armen: Oh my god.

Drake: This is a little bit overwhelming. I didn’t-

Armen: [steps on Ice Temple] Ah! It’s cold it’s cold it’s cold. Cold cold cold. [Sighs]

Drake: [Follows Armen] Ah, dude. you have armour on at least. Holy crap, it’s like, negative 50 degrees in here.

Armen: [Laughs] Come in here. Look behind you.

Drake: Oh my- [Turns and sees Him]


Drake: OH MY GOD!

[They head down stairs]

Armen: [Gasp, jump sound, hurt sound] Ow.

Drake: [Falls] Ow.

Armen: How do we get from here? He’s coming!

Drake: Okay. Let’s go. Um…

Armen: No dude! Let’s look around for some- like a, a pressure plate. Buttons. Anything.

Drake: I feel like we’re trapped in a cave right now. Hey! A cave!

Armen: Let’s- [Screams and disapears]

Drake: [Follows Armen] [Moaning sounds from being underwater] [Breathes out] What- [Comes out onto snowy tunnel]

Armen: [Gasping] Holy- [Mumbles] That….

Drake: Give me a minute.

[Sound of drinking]

Armen: Let’s go [Heads down tunnel] Dude- [piston sound] A traaaappppppp! [disapears]

Drake: Where’d you go? [Walks down tunnel, falls into trap] [Screaming] [Hit’s the ground]

[Long blackness]

Drake: [Gasping] [Coughing]

Armen: What was that?

Drake: [Looks up shaft] Woah.

Armen: What was that?

Drake: Uh… The stairs opened up. I remember that pretty clearly.

Armen: Ugh… That fricking hurt.

[Light appears]

Drake: Ah! It’s bright. Oh. It’s really bright.

Armen: Let’s go dude.

Drake: You go on first. Ah. It’s really bright.

Armen: (Can’t understand this part, sounds like: “Okay, I’m going to check my inventory”)

Drake: It’s really bright. My eyes are on fire.

Armen: Okay. Let’s go dude.

Drake: You go across.

Armen: Alright. [Jumps across hole in ground] \

Drake: I’m a little bit parched.

Armen: Come on over dude.

Drake: [Jumps] [Screams]

Armen: You stay there. You stay there.

Drake: [Groaning] It’s a little bit late.

Armen: [Mad laughing] Yeah… [Steps on pressure plate] [Gasp] The Sacred Diamond!

Drake: Oh you-!

Armen: I said it.

Drake: But we-

Armen: Let’s get out of here now! Jump it dude! Hurry!

Drake: I can’t we are gonna-! [Appears in G’s Jungle House]

Armen: Can’t see! Finally!

[They look around]

Drake: Dude?!

Armen: Why are we back here?

Drake: What… I’m not even going to ask, but… Did we just hallucinate all of that?

Armen: I hope not. [Pause] Oh my gooooeeesh!!!! [Holding diamond]

Drake: [Jumping up and down] We did it.

Armen: (Repeats “We did it” about 10 times)

Drake: One step closer to finishing Him.

Armen: Yes. Now, lets go to the… what’s that temple again? Uh… snow… and… Jungle! Let’s go to jungle. Wait was the jungle part of that? First or second?

Drake: Yeah, it was. Uh… Was it-

Armen: Okay, let’s go then.

Drake: But we’re in a jungle. Doesn’t that mean it should be- [Spots creeper] Dude!

Armen: Yeah? [Looks up. Creeper and Armen look at each other for a minute] Oh crap.

Drake: Another creeper. [Armen starts to go after creeper] Careful. No no no. Don’t. Don’t. It’s not worth it. [Armen hit’s creeper, slides back down vines.] Ignore it. [Heads off] Come on. Let’s go this way. [Sounds of Armen hitting creeper in the background] I’m climbing up

Armen: Woah. Dude! I made it! Come on!

Drake: Dude.

Armen: This way dude!

Drake: Where’d ya go? [Turns around, sees Armen]

Armen: Right here.

Drake: Your right, I probably… Is it… Are you sure it’s that way? Does the map say so?

Armen: Yeah, I know. I saw it.

Drake: Alright. I trust your word. And the map’s word. Oh-

Armen: Okay, this way.

Drake: This way?

Armen: Mhm.

Drake: Up this? [Fails to climb up vines] Good…

Armen: ummm…. Yes, it’s this way.

Drake: Oh man, we’re really high.

Armen: Crap crap crap crap. Just walk around the edges, walk around the edges.

Drake: Ah! [Falls two blocks] Ok walking, just walking.

Armen: Hey! Okay- oh… you fell..

Drake: Um…

Armen: These vines are really, really sturdy. Drake?! Where you going?

Drake: Coming back around. It’s all

Armen: Oh you fell?

Drake: -Trying to survive. Okay. This way. [They continue climbing up]

Armen: Crap

Drake: I think… wait-

Armen: [Weird squeaky noise]

Drake: Okay, I’ll shift.

Armen: This way. [Get’s to the top of mountain] Perfect. We’re up. My god. Let’s go dude.

Drake: Oh my gosh.

Armen: Well- [Reach edge of cliff]

Drake: Woah-oh-oh. What is down there.

Armen: The temple should be here. I don’t know- [Says something intelligible]

Drake: I’m a little bit terrified right now. [They start heading down]

Armen: I know you’re afraid of heights, we got to get this over with.

Drake: [sighs] [Heavy breathing]

Armen: Let’s go dude. Down here. [Climbing down vines. Drake follows.] Slide down. [Looks at pool of water] I’m sorry, but we have to. [Takes deep breath, jumps into pool]

Drake: Oh my god oh my god.

Armen: Come on.

Drake: [Deep breath] Unn! God! [Jumps]

Armen: Ah-ha my face! Wow. You got my face.

Drake: [Heavy breathing] [Coughs]

Armen: [Opens chest] Ooo. An apple.

Drake: Oh sweet. That salt water’s disgusting. [Drinks water]  

Armen: [Eats apple, drinks some water] [Sighs] That’s better. Good stuff. Let’s go. [They enter stone tunnel, jungle temple]

Drake: I know you don’t-

Armen: Look there it is! It’s all so easy! [Looking at chest on far side of room] We just walk over to it. [Gasps] [High squeaky sound]

Drake: [Walks over to Armen] [Sees lava pit]Oh woah. Woah woah woah.

Armen: I had a feeling that this wasn’t gonna be that easy.

Drake: Yeah… I had a feeling HE is gonna guard his bane a little bit more than that.

Armen: Well dude, I think we should go in this together.

Drake: We can jump man. This is easy. We used to do parkour all the time. We’re pros at parkour.

Armen: Yeah- We did?

Drake: [Looks at Armen] Are you- That wasn’t you was it? No….

Armen: [Laughs]

Drake: Okay, well, let me rephrase that. I’m a pro at parkour and this will be easy.

Armen: [Laughs] So what-

Drake: So let’s jump at the same time.

Armen: Yeah-

Drake: If one of us dies, then the other shouldn’t have to suffer the horrible loss. Are you ready?

Armen: Got it- Wait wait. We’ll both die. There’s lava.

Drake: We’re not gonna die, we’re gonna jump across and make it. Got this?

Armen: I got a bad feeling… Okay. Wait wait wait. Let me… drink… [Drinks from water bottle] Okay, got this.

Drake: [Drinks]

Armen: Ready…

Drake: GOOO!

Armen: Set...Go….[Both jump. They then fall through the lava and onto hard ground below it.]

Armen: [High pitch squealing noises]

Drake: [Heavy breathing]

Armen: [Still squealing] What was that?

Drake: Why is the room so hot down here? [Looks up at roof] Oh. I think I might understand what happened. It’s false lava.

Armen: Ow ow ow ow. Specks of lava are falling on my face. Just go dude. [Jumps onto block. Piston comes out and pushes him into a pit. [Squeaky noise]

Drake: Wait- What? No no no. [Jumps onto piston block] You’ll be- [Reached other side, falls] [screaming] Ahha owww.

Armen: Oh my god.

Drake: You don’t have any left of that apple, do you?

Armen: Hmm?

Drake: Can I have a little bit of that apple please.

Armen: Here dude. [Give’s apple]

Drake: Thank you. [Give’s apple back]

Armen: Your welcome. Let’s go. [They head down a shaft in the stone] So you mentioned parkour, right? [Grunts]

Drake: Yeah. [Grunting]

Armen: Oh my gosh I-

Drake: Yeah, this is a little bit more of extreme parkour.

Armen: [Laughs]

Drake: [Falls] [Screams]

Armen: [Mad laughing] Are you okay?

[Lights go out]

Drake: I’m okay, I’m okay.

Armen: Ok, I’m coming down.

Drake: I might have cracked a couple ribs, but I’m alive.

Armen: Oh my god, what is this thing? [Kills it] [Squeaky noise]

Drake: Don’t care. Just… If it doesn’t look friendly, it’s dead.

Armen: [Laughs] I made it.

Drake: I’m in so much pain right now. I would not like to distract you.

Armen: I’m just waiting for you to heal.

Drake: Can I have that apple?

Armen: I’m trying to see what wounds you got. [Looks at Drake] Wow. You kinda broke your leg.

Drake: It’s okay. Just hand me the apple. I think I’ma be good.

Armen: [Give’s apple] Just keep it. You need it more than I do.

Drake: [Eats apple] [Sighs] Let’s do this.

Armen: Let’s go dude.

Drake: We got this.

Armen: More parkour. Great.

Drake: I won’t break my legs again. [Falls] Gosh.

Armen: Like you just did?

Drake: Sprinting jump! [Makes it]

Armen: [Laughs]

Drake: [Falls again] Oh man, I gotta get back into this. [Makes it]

Armen: Come on dude, come on. You got this.

Drake: I got this. It’s easy. It’s just parkour.

Armen: Yeah, nothing can go wrong.

Drake: It’s been a couple years, but you know. It’s as easy as it ever was.

Armen: I’m not sure if this is the right way or not. Oh my god! Oh my god oh my god.

Drake: [Sighs]

Armen: You got this, you got this. Come on. Please. Do not look down there.

Drake: [Falls]

Armen: Crap! Are you kidding.

Drake: I’m okay. [Sighs]

Armen: [Groaning] Oh my gosh. Hurry dude. I’m really scared up here.

Drake: I know, I know. It’s terrifying. I’m a little bit more scared then you are right now. I could tell you that for a fact without knowing how scared you are right now.

Armen: [Laughs] I’ll try to grab ahold of you.

Drake: I got this. [Jumps] [Falls] [Groans] Maybe not.

Armen: [Laughing] Come on! You got this!

Drake: Sorry. It’s painful for me.

Armen: I can’t tell where you are. There you are.

Drake: I think I might have lost some of my skill over the years of not practicing.

Armen: [Laughs] You got this! Come on dude! You got this!

Drake: [Sighs] I got it.

Armen: Yes! [Exit into mineshaft.] Oh my god. [Various sighings and “oh my gods” for the next few seconds.] Let’s do this. Okay. This track is leading straight, so we should just both go straight. [Creeper appears] OH MY GOD! [Kills creeper]

Drake: Do you have anything of that loaf of bread left?

Armen: Do I have what?

Drake: Could I have a few slices of bread just in case? I’m so out of it right now.\

Armen: [Gives bread] Here. I have some.

Drake: Let’s go.

Armen: I see light… And a chest! And an apple.

Drake: Wow.

Armen: It’s here! The Sacred Diamond!

Drake: It was that easy? I mean, it wasn’t that easy… but easier than expected.

Armen: [Squealing] HERO--

[Herobrine drops from roof]

Armen: Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go!

Drake: [Gasps] I think I just saw him.

Armen: Go go go! Hurry dude! Hurry!

Drake: [Weird noise] Go!

Armen: I’m trapped I’m trapped! Go! GO!

Drake: This way! Now!

Armen: [Stops by chest] I gotta get stuff from the chest.

Drake: Hope my parkour skills get back. Where the heck am I going?! What is this!? Oh my god, please take me somewhere safe, please take me somewhere safe. [Screams, Falls]

Armen: DRAKE!!

Drake: It didn’t take me to a very safe place. Uh.

Armen: This way. This way, this way! Come on come on! He’s here he’s here he’s here! He’s coming! [It may be worth noting that his voice is getting progressively higher throughout all of this.] Come on Drake, you got this, don’t fall. [Starts talking unintelligibly]

Drake: You’re kinda in the way. [Sees him] I saw him, I saw him I saw him.

Armen: Then let’s go! Hurry! [More unintelligible squealing, sounds like “He’s coming he’s coming] He’s breaking blocks!

Drake: Oh god oh god! Oh god go on! I can do things!

Armen: Oh… what just happened here?! Ohh… Can’t get up! I can’t get up! Crap! Crap! Crap!

Drake: Here, move some of that dirt into a pile. Move it into a mound so we can get up.

Armen: He’s coming he’s coming he’s coming!

Drake: Come on! Just push it over there! [Armen places dirt block] There!

Armen: Let’s go let’s go! [weird screaming sound] [Sees exit blocked] What do we do here oh my god?!?!? [Weird screaming noises and groanings from both of them. Armen’s voice keeps getting higher pitched.] He’s behind us! [Drake screaming/groaning] What do we do what do we do?

Drake: How did we teleport last time? How did we teleport last time? How did we teleport last time?

Armen: Ah… [weird sounds] Let’s just… say the word and then we might teleport. I don’t know!  something! Sacred diamonds sacred diamonds sacred diamonds sacred diamonds.

Drake: Sacred diamonds sacred diamonds!

Armen: Sacred diamonds! [Herobrine appears from below, holding a bow] [Unintelligible squeakings]

[Sound cuts off as the two teleport back to A’s shelter]

[Squeaking and heavy breathing resume]

Drake: Yes! Oh my gosh, we’re alive.

Armen: *sigh* Oh my god. Yes yesyesyes.

Drake: Ha-haaaa. Take that person who’s name I can’t say. [Armen also speaking at this time. Unintelligible]

Armen: [Laughs] I said it. And I lost- Crap.

Drake: Come on. Don’t we have to head somewhere? Do something? [Walks out of shelter]

Armen: Yeah. Let’s go.

Drake: I’m pumped up for this now.

Armen: We gotta go back to this [unintelligible]-

Drake: I’m feeling invincible right now.

Armen: Which is where we got all the stuff and where

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