Note: Certain character in this article are only a work of fiction and do not influence on The Admin Chickens nor any related persons. This Short of The Haunting is considered to be non-canon.

Herobrine Sighting
[[Image:Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 5.45.42 PM|258px]]
Production information
Production code 102
Story by
Written by RejectedShotgun
Storyboards by
Directed by RejectedShotgun
Broadcast information
Original air date September 6, 2012
International dates Released worldwide
"The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine - COLLINCAM.avi"
"The Haunting 3: Herobrine Sighting" is the third short in The Haunting series, making its debut on September 6, 2012 on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel.
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"Strange possible Herobrine sighting."
—YouTube description

Plot Edit

Drake records his conversation with Grayson about wanting to interview/make a documentary about him. Grayson agrees and they set off into the Arctic. Accidentally, Drake turns on his camera and then shuts it off once he learns the red bright light on the camera means it's on.

Purposely, Drake starts recording Grayson again, but only himself checking his gear. He had everything needed and they both try to escape the freezing cold by entering an Oil Rig. However, they see the unexpected.
Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 5.46.51 PM

Drake looking at the puddle of blood.

Drake and Grayson find a puddle of blood around the Oil Rig stairs and assume it is from Jacob (character is a work of fiction and does not influence any of The Admin Chickens or related persons), a worker from the arctic base who has not been heard of for some time. They enter the oil rig and sound an alarm that could be heard throughout the Arctic. Once, they leave the small control room, Grayson and Drake see Herobrine, or who they refer to as Collin, on one of the Arctic Mountains. The video tape then stops.

The final tape shows the camera on the ground, videotaping a puddle of blood that might be from Drake.


Cast Edit

Production (The Admin Chickens) Edit

  • <unspecified>


  • This is considered non-canon due to the fact that in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine, there is no sign of Drake's career at the Oil Rig nor is there any recognition between him and Grayson.
    • This is known to be the only non-canon short in The Haunting series.

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