Drake Yep, it's on, it's on...Grayson...What's Up
The Video starts to transition from a black screen to Grayson and Drake in the Kitchen.
Grayson Hi
Drake You know documentary? Hope you haven't forgotten
Grayson [Drinks Coffee]
Drake A little bit of outdoor salary. You know [Grayson Interrupts by saying (Yea)] kinda a big deal.
Grayson [Walks out of the Kitchen] I guess, alright.
Drake Ok, where do you want to start? Maybe we should start a scene in here. You know, warm and cozy.
Grayson I guess.
Drake Alright let me just... [Walks to Grayson] Maybe we can do an interview. Alright once i cut the tape to make sure i'm no wasting anything. Alright let's go.
Drake turns off Camera and accidentally turns it on, on the way out of the Arctic Base.
Drake What does the red light on the camera mean?
Grayson It's on? You're recording.
Drake Oh, Oh sh** bad [Laughs and Turns off camera...transition into the next scene] Uhh, yea, yea it's on we're good.
Grayson One sec i need to check all my gear right now. [Checks Bag] Coffee...Screwdriver...screw-bar...alright i got everything
Drake Let's go.
Drake and Grayson head out through the Arctic to explore the oil rig.
Grayson For some reason, Jacob hasn't been responding and it's really pissing me off.
Drake Alright [Both make it to the Oil Rig]
Grayson He left the burner off
Drake Yea, it's not on. [Enters Oil Rig] Don't slap him man [Laughs]
Drake and Grayson sees blood on the stairs.
Grayson [Worried] Jacob? [Walks up stairs]
Drake [sees blood] oh sh**.
Both yell "Jacob" as they walk up stairs. They enter the Oil Rig room. Both murmer to each other.
Drake [Leaves Room] Did he ever sound the alarm?
Grayson No.
Drake Dude, this is a lot of blood. okay. This isn't coming from a little cut.
Grayson Yea, i swear to god that's jelly.
Drake [Laughs] Yea, hilarious. Seriously we should sound the alarm.
Grayson [Walks out of room & looks off in the distance. He walks back in and sounds the alarm.
Drake Dude, what the hell?
Grayson I did sound the alarm.
Drake Dude, what are you looking at. [Drake points camera at Herobrine in the Distance] Who the hell is that? Is that Collin? [Scene stops]
Scene changes and shows us the camera on the floor, giving the viewers a view of blood.

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