The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine is the third installment of The Haunting series, making its debut in five separate parts from March 8, 2013 to October 27. This is chronologically the fourth part of The Haunting franchise, continuing after the events of The Haunting: Second Life.

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Part 1 Edit

Drake and Armen find themselves in an unknown town. They stop to look at their surroundings, and then they proceed on the road. Finding a Dagger, Armen decides to find the owner and return it to him/her. They explore around, noticing that the town was abandoned, and that nobody was there except for the two. They come across Rubyshire Public School, which suddenly gave them memories of their past. They then decide to investigate one of the houses, but as they get closer, they notice something strange and they both fall unconscious as they enter the building.

The two wake up in a room of Nether Brick and Lava with smoke in the air. Armen picks up his Dagger and the two had no choice but to go into the tunnel. The two go in to find something in the distance. As they get closer, they see smoke and their start to feel lightheaded, and before they knew it, they fainted again.

Waking up in an infirmary, the two decide to go explore the rest of the building, but they realized that there might be people inside, so they decided to quietly explore the hallway, until they turned the corner to find a conference room with someone in there. They quietly approach, and when they reach the room, the mysterious figure wasn't there. Armen heads over to grab a bag on the table, only to see the figure walk down the hallway in front of them and spot them. It was a man, and he pulled out his rifle and aimed carefully at the two, while Armen rushes back to Drake. Drake then carefully introduces himself and Armen and they thank him for taking care of them in the man's infirmary. However, the man apparently did not take care of them, and told them that he was alone in the Arctic, in an Oil Rig, and that nobody ever visited him. Drake asks him his name, and the man told them his name is Grayson. Grayson then lowered his weapon and decided to explain the mysterious events, and then offered them an unoccupied room. The two then head to bed right after.

The next morning, they wake up to find Grayson still sleeping, so they decide to head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast, only to find that there was nothing in the cabinets. They wanted to go outside, but Drake was reluctant because it was very cold, and they didn't have the proper equipment. They head outside anyways to investigate the area, only to find blood at the rig, so they head back to the dormitory to find Grayson preparing breakfast. After asking questions, the two decide to check the computers, and they found a file saying "Him". They then remember it was Herobrine who caused this.

Part 2 Edit

Drake has an immersive dream where he is inside his old house from The Haunting: Minecraft Movie, but with no memory. As he tries to come to grips with his surroundings he is thrown into the cabin in the jungle from the beginning of The Haunting: Second Life, although the signs are blank. He is then transported to the room where Herobrine chose both Drake and Armen's fates, where Herobrine earns him he shouldn't be here.

Both waking up, Drake and Armen decide to confront Grayson about Herobrine, although Grayson at first doubts their claims, saying he is a children's tale, but begins to belive them after being probed about strange events and recalling Collin's strange dissaperance. They tell Grayson about them being haunted by Herobrine, and their experience in Herobrine dream world the previous episode. Armen brings up how through the fragmented memories of their time in the jungle, Grayson resembles The Old Man in the Woods, and Grayson finally belives their stories after revealing he has no rememberances of the oil rig until him and Collin.

No longer feeling safe in the oil rig, they embark outside, catching sight of Herobrine, before escaping into a shortcut. They jumy into a red sticky substance and Grayson uses a technological piece of machinery on his arm to interact with an advanced flat shaped decvice. Armen flips a lever that causes an alarm and the trio escape the subterranean area in panic by minecart. They arrive at the surface where they climb into a tower, when a massive explosion rocks the surrounding area

3 Edit


Part 3 Edit

Recovering from the events of the previous episode, Drake, Armen and Grayson head out further after realizing that their previous path of entry is blocked off by ice. They do some parkour around obstacles, while Drake questions how Grayson didn't know about the section of the Artic. Grayson starts firing shots after seeing things, and an invisible entity starts shooting arrows and potions of harming or poison at them. Drake and Armen start to receive headaches around peculiar objects or certain places. The Blizzard continues to stop and come back all the while. Armen takes a book floating in a chest of crystals at Drake's insistence, but doesn't have time to read it's contents. They stumble upon a portal made of strange stones, which they fit the book into a tiny slot starting up the portal. They all proceed to jump in the portal to places unknown.

Part 4 Edit

Drake and Armen get to the other side of the portal, but notice Grayson's mysterious absence. They explore the new lands while trying to search for Grayson. They notice many grotesque scenes such as boneyards, burned houses, and skeleton heads, along with shooting stars that fall from the sky and contain magical properties. They spot a house with light and a person, who Armen suggest they sneak up on. Drake and Armen both anxiously go into the house, only to find a confused Grayson, who reveals he has been there for a year, even though Grayson went through the portal only a couple seconds before them. Grayson notes how with the arrival of Drake and Armen, the sun has come up for the first time since he's been there. Grayson also reveals Herobrine is there in the new world. Grayson also informs them that they are in Iron Myre.

With reinforcememts, Grayson and Drake and Armen venture into the farm to investigate the area. They find a sign stating "HE is out there..." They go past the coal mines where Grayson claims he saw Herobrine, but Drake and Armen cannot find him. They find some new species while it begins to turn night and suddenly turns cold as voiced by Armen. The trio find they are blocked off to a locked room, but Grayson manages to open it for them. Armen then claims he saw Herobrine, but the group cannot find him, although the group still agrees to feeling like they are watched. The trio arrive into the city and into a library, where Grayson finds a secret entrance. Grayson gets a book on history of the lands in the hidden passage. They explore more buildings, all containing blood, strange accessories or other irregularities. They find a locked door requiring a key, and Grayson uses Armen's Dagger to open it, much to the bewilderment of Armen and Drake. Inside, they find many valuable pieces of armor or swords.

Grayson reads the book, discovering that a single man united barbarians in Largoth to invade the five kingdoms of Minecraftia. Armen accidentally finds a secret entrance that leads to two sets of magical armor and respective weapons giving them abilities given to Armen and Grayson. Herobrine is revealed to have been the man who united the barbarians, burning every single woman, man and child. All the armies of Minecraftia nearly fell to Herobrine. There was a five year Seige on Iron Myre. Iron Myre manged to create weapons from the Imperial Forge, and a single man with the Cross of Mercy had led the army of Minecraftia's last standing army and managed to vanquish Herobrine. Until a new cult dozens of centuries later, the Cult of Herobrine began to form. The gang take some items, including the Cross of Mercy, and go back to the library. Checking the map, Grayson notes something before walking out of the library.

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