"I remember now"
—Drake finding the file containing "HIM"

The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 1)
Movie 3, Part 1
Production information
Production code 301
Written by RejectedShotgun
Make-Up Artist
Set Designers RejectedShotgun
Video Editor RejectedShotgun
Directed by RainMaker442
Broadcast information
Original air date March 8, 2013
International dates Released worldwide
"The Haunting: Second Life"
"The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 2)"
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The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine (Part 1) is the first part of the third installment of The Haunting series, making its debut on March 8, 2013 on RejectedShotgun's YouTube channel. It is chronologically the fourth in The Haunting franchise, continuing after the events of The Haunting: Second Life.


"Drake and Armen mysteriously wake up in an Arctic Base Infirmary."
—Movie description

Characters Edit

  1. Drake
  2. Armen
  3. Grayson
  4. Tree of Wisdom
  5. Luke (Indirectly mentioned)
  6. Collin (Mentioned)
  7. Herobrine


Drake and Armen walk through Ruby Shire, confused of how they got there in the first place. Finding a dagger, they decide to investigate the town, only to find it deserted. Finding a building with strange material inside, they head in, but black out.

The two wake up in a place full of lava and see no exit besides a dark tunnel. So they head in, finding it really dark. They head towards something mysterious with smoke-like substance around it. As they get closer to the mysterious object, they begin to get headaches, and then they black out.

The two wake up again, this time in an infirmary. They get themselves ready, realizing that there may be people in the building. So they quietly go down the hall, seeing a man checking around in the room ahead. The man then disappear somewhere and the two sneak into the room. After going in, the man comes back and after seeing them, pulls out his musket and points it at the two. Asking each other questions nervously, they soon gain trust, after learning the they are in an oil rig in the middle of the arctic. They also learned that the man's name is Grayson. Another thing they learned is that there had been a blizzard for three years straight. Grayson offers them a bedroom and they agree to stay there.

Going to bed and waking up after, they head out to investigate the rig. Seeing blood there, they rush back to the dorms and tell Grayson. He does not know or remember anything about it and told them that he recently checked the area. Then the two decide to look inside the office of the dormitory and check the computer to see if there's anything. They find a floppy disk and puts it into the computer. It reads "HIM" and they finally realize what's going on. They are being haunted by Herobrine.


Cast Edit

  1. RejectedShotgun - Drake
  2. xikroniczz - Armen
  3. Gamecrown96 - Grayson
  4. ShadowsFusion - Herobrine

Production (The Admin Chickens) Edit

  1. RainMaker442 - Master Button Pusher

More Episode InformationEdit

Music Edit

  1. N/A


  • Parts one and two do not have music present in the background, however, parts three to five have music embedded.


  • When Drake was checking the computer, it is noticeable that Grayson is using commands to get specific items.

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