[Movie begins with intro: The Haunting: Legend of Herobrine"]
[The first scene begins with Drake and Armen entering a small town, walking along a stone bridge]
Drake [Turns to Armen] Hey wait.
Armen Hmm?
Drake Armen, how did we get here? [Looks around]
Armen I have… no idea…
[Both look around]
Drake Where is here? This place seems… strangely familiar. [pauses] You- You know what, it doesn’t matter.
Armen Yeah.
[They move deeper into the town]
Drake Wait wait wait. Wait wa- wait. Shouldn’t it matter though? I mean, it should… shouldn’t it? I don’t know.
Armen That we’re in I think a [Sound of block breaking] random village.
Drake I don’t know… It seems familiar...Have we been here before? You know what… I don’t know. Have we?
Armen [Spots dagger] What’s this? [Moves towards it]
Drake I don’t know. What is that?
Armen [Picks up dagger] Dagger.
Drake That’s odd.
Armen We can probably return it to someone in the village.
Drake I suppose so.
Armen I mean, if it’s a village or something.
[Armen and Drake continue down the gravel path]
Drake Hang on. Let’s figure out where we are. I think it must be important. [Comes up to a sign] What does this say…
Armen Ruby Shire?
Drake Ruby Shire School. That sounds also very, very familiar. Have we been here before?
Armen [Walks into school grounds] Yeah… I remember. We’ve been here.
Drake We had to have been here before. [Sighs] [Follows Armen into school grounds] I remember… all of this. But I don’t know how. [Walks out and continues down path]
Armen [Follows Drake] [Sighs] I don’t know…
Drake I don’t see anyone around here. Should there be people here? [erie gong noise] There should… but I don’t see anybody.
Armen [Makes wierd noise]
Drake Wait… [Lifts head.] [Sees netherrack in a window] What’s this? [Walks over to house] [Vision starts swirling] [Loud Sound] What is that? Aack. My head! [Grunts in pain] [Sound grows louder]
Armen What is going on!?
[Screen goes black]
Drake [Scene opens to a nether brick room full of lava] My head….[Groans] What a headache. [Sighs] [Looks up] Oh Woah. Woah. Lava. That's ah [Laughs] not good. [Sees Armen on other side of room] Armen?! Ohh.
Armen Huh?
Drake Armen? Is that you?
Armen Yeah, it’s me.
Drake Dude, what’s going on?
Armen [Coughs] I don’t know.
Drake [Coughs] It’s kind of- What is that, ash in the air?
Armen I don’t know. Let’s get out of here.
Drake Alright. Uhh… oh god…
Armen What’s this? [Picks up dagger]
Drake Is there any exit besides this place? I don’t really like dark, creepy tunnels that much.
Armen It’s the only way. Come on, let’s go.
Drake Alright. Let’s go. [They head into the tunnel]
Armen: [sigh]
Drake Woah woah. I cannot see much.
Armen Are you there?
Drake Yeah Armen are you- I think I see you. [Erie blue-grey light comes into view] There’s something here.
Armen What is that? [Screams]
Drake I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s a lot of smoke around it. It’s the only thing I can see… I might- I might as well head for it. [Sound begins]
Armen No!!!
Drake If you can see it too, then you should do it! [Smoke particles appear] This is not good. Argh!! My head hurts again!
[Screen goes black]
Drake [Scene opens with Drake staring at a red ceiling] [Groans] My head! Again… ah. [groans]
Armen [Snoring]
Drake Ahh! Oh my god.
Armen [Still snoring]
Drake Armen.
Armen Huh?
Drake Armen, Wake up. [Armen wakes up]
Armen Huh? Ah uh…
Drake Armen...
Armen I can’t see!
Drake Armen there’s-
Armen I can’t see! [Starts running around in circles]
Drake Arm- There’s something on your face!
Armen [Pauses] Oh. [Takes off blindfold]
Drake Yeah…
Armen My bad.
Drake Uh huh. I don’t know where we are again. [Looks around]
Armen In a different place.
Drake Again.
Armen How many times?
Drake I don’t even- I lost count. I lost count.
Armen [Sigh]
Drake [Spots dagger] Hey, what’s this? That’s right! Back in… ah… what was it… Ruby Shire. There was that same thing. What is that?
Armen I have no idea.
Drake Is it-
Armen Let’s name it.
Drake Name it? It’s a sword or a dagger or som- I don’t know… Knife? I don’t think I would name my...oh, whatever those things are.
Armen Just… keep it for later. I’d rather keep it for later.
Drake I don’t see why not. It’s never bad to keep a weapon. Ok. [They head over to the door of their room]
Armen I’ll go first. I have… a weapon. Let’s go. [Exits room]
Drake [Follows Armen] Ok… What if there’s someone or… something out here?
Armen Shhh. [Whispering] There might be.
Drake [Whispering] Ok… but where are we?

Armen: Do you think I know? I’ve been through the same thing. Drake: Ok… good point. Whatever. Armen: [Looks around hallway corner] [Gasps] Drake: What? What is it? Armen: It’s someone. Drake: What? Is that a person? Armen: Probably. Might be a robot. Drake: I don’t know. [Person turns around] [Shhing sounds] Armen: Shh. Don’t want- Drake: Shhhhhh. Armen: Alright come on this way. Drake: Wait- How do we know it’s not friendly? Armen: I’ll put my knife away. Drake: Ok. [They continue towards the main room] Wait- That can’t be a person. Is that a helmet? Armen: Did you see that? He dropped a bowl. I thought it was funny. Alright. I don’t know. Let’s go. [Go further into main room] Is that a backpack? Drake: I don’t know. It seems like some kind of tool box. [Man comes out of other room] Armen: Tool box. Armen and Drake: [Gasp] [Back up] Drake: Hello… there… Armen: Hellooo. [Man loads his gun] Drake: How’s life? Grayson: Who are you? [Points gun at them] Drake: Uh… Armen: Umm…. Drake: Umm….Um… I’m Drake…. This is Armen….Uh...we just woke up in your infirmary. I think we should thank you for taking… care… of… us? Man: I haven’t taken care of anyone. Drake: Oh. Well, we sorta just woke up in your infirmary… that… um… So you didn’t take care of us… So we just woke up- I don’t really um… Armen: Know what happened. At all. Drake: Yeah. Armen: Any of us. [Man points gun at them] Drake: Ha.. Ha… Ha… So… Man: Pretty suspicious. Drake: Well, I don’t know… I can’t really remember what happened before I got there. Where- Where are we exactly? Man: In the middle of the Arctic. Drake: Oh… Okay… [Turns to Armen] Armen: Arctic? What is this place? What’s- What? Drake: What the name- What is this- Where-What is this.... this facility? Man: You’re on an oil rig in the middle of the Arctic. Drake: Oh. Well, um…That’s [Armen interrupts ]a bit of a change of pace. Armen: [sigh] Drake: Uhh...I’m sorry. Who- What’s your name? Grayson: Grayson. Drake: Well, it’s very nice to meet you Grayson. So, if we’re out in the Arctic it’s probably freezing… Is there any way we could stay here for the night? I know you probably don’t trust us, but I honestly don’t know how we got here. Grayson: [Sigh] [Puts gun away] Yeah, sure. Drake: [Reading signs above the doorways] Are these other people that work with you? Grayson: There’s no one else here. Just me. Drake: So wait. You man- Grayson: Been this way for three years. Drake: How-? Armen: But there’s uh…. There’s names on the…come .over here… Drake: Collin… Grayson: Well, Collin- Armen: Wow… Grayson: When this all started Drake: Started? Grayson: After he went missing… Armen: Went missing? Like, disappeared? Grayson: Yeah. Then this snowstorm… Just... Never stopped for three years. Drake: Wow. Thats uh… Thats uh… Armen: Strange. Drake: [Speaking quietly to Armen] You know Armen, it’s not exactly physically possible for a snowstorm to go on for three years straight… At least, I don’t think it is. Armen: I don’t think either. Drake: Um, so… Collin sounds very familiar….um… Armen…. [Armen interrupts] Armen: It definitely sounds familiar. Drake: If you get what I mean.... [Speaking normally] So, I’m sorry to be a burden, um, Grayson, but could we stay in one of these rooms for the night? Grayson: Sure. You can stay in the empty one. Drake: Oh, thank you so much! Grayson: There’s a bunk bed in there. Drake: Thank you for your hospitality. [Enters room] Armen: Thanks Grayson. [Enters room] Grayson: You're welcome. Armen: [Closes door] Drake: Well, I-I- I’m surprised he just let us in like that. Armen: I don’t know. Drake: I guess it gets lonely when you're alone for three years. I’m surprised he’s not insane. Armen: [Sniffs] Drake: Unless he is insane. Armen: Probably is, probably not. But he’s letting us stay here, so… Drake: Alright. Armen: We should be fine. By the way, I got top bunk! Drake: Okay. Let’s get to sleep, I guess… Again… Armen: Alright. [Grunts] [Hops up on bed] Night. [Screen goes black] Drake: [Wakes up] [Groans] Armen: You awake too? Drake: Oh, yeah. Hey, we didn’t wake up in some random, ridiculously scary and creepy place for once! Armen: Thank God. Drake: [Sigh] It’s been too long. Unless this place is actually secretly scary and creepy. Armen: [says something unintelligible, possibly at least one thing happened] Drake: That would not be okay. Armen: Secretly? Drake: Yeah… I don’t know. Armen: [Groans] Don’t bring up these questions...Let’s just… know what we’re dealing with now. We gotta go investigate. Drake: Alright. Let’s see what’s out here. [Exit’s room] Is this a kitchen? Armen: [Gasp] Food!!! I want food! I want food! I want food! I want food…[Enters kitchen] Drake: [Laughs] [Enters kitchen] Um… There doesn’t seem to be any food...Or actually, anything in these cabinets at all. Armen: Wha- What???! Awe…. Drake: How does Grayson…. live… without eating any food..? I don’t really understand that honestly… Armen: [Sigh] I don’t know, but… I don’t know that it’s that big of a… That’s not our problem. I think that’s mainly his. Drake: Okay, well we’re going to have to eat eventually, but I think we’ll be good for now. We’ll ask him once we see him again. Um, did you also notice how kinda weird it was, how he’s working out here, like I said earlier, three years, no help from anyone but himself, on a very large and complicated oil rig? Armen: That’s weird when you think about it. Drake: Yeah. It kinda is. Armen: Yup. Drake: I think we should go out, even though it’s incredibly cold, and see if we could find anything. Armen: Yeah, I think thats, thats for the best. It’s for the best. [They leave the kitchen] Drake: I’m hearing some weird sounds. Armen: A- Amen… We just woke up, man. [Sounds of someone walking] Drake: Alright. You hear that too right? Armen: Woah. It’s like- Drake: Sounds a little weird. Armen: It’s like footsteps. Drake: I’m going to ignore the creepy sounds for now. Um.. Let’s go outside I guess. It’s going to be cold. Armen: Oh no. Drake: It’s going to be very cold. Armen: GO! [They exit the base] Drake: Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s cold! Armen: [Grunts] Drake: It’s very, very cold. Oh my goodness. Armen: Go! Drake: Let’s go! Armen: Go! Armen: No… [Groans] [Groaning] Drake: Sora like a maze… Right. You follow right. Armen: Okay. Drake: Always go right in mazes. Pretty sure that’s the rule. Armen: Just.. Get.. Out!! Oh it’s freezing! Drake: Holy crap, cold. [Exit maze] Wow. It’s kinda dark. Armen: [Sigh] Drake: A blizzard. Um.. Armen: Should we just- Drake: This pipe is connected to the base which means there’s probably a refinery or something- Maybe it’s that tower. I think it’s the tower. So, I would assume that this pipe goes all the into uh… the oil rig. So do you wanna go there? Armen: Of course! Come on. We gotta investigate every single thing. Drake: Alright then. Armen: Let’s go. [Hail starts falling] Drake: Woah. Armen: Aww! Naw!! Hail!! ow! Crap! Drake: Run through the hail! Armen: Go! Drake: Runrunrunrunrun. Aw this is not this is not this is not fun! Armen: Ahh. It’s a bit warmer. Get over here it’s a bit warmer. Drake: Okay. Okay. [Comes underneath oil rig] Woah. There we go. Whew. Alright. Armen: Oh thank God. Drake: What’s that? [Sees red stain on the ground] Armen: Oh no. Is that-? Drake: Dude- I think- No. Armen: Alright. Grayson! Drake: Something’s wrong. Something’s wrong. [Head up oil rig] There’s tons of it! What is this?! I hope it’s not what I think it is. [Enters rig] Armen: I don’t know. Drake: Hello? Is anybody here? Armen: Grayson?! Drake: There’s nobody here. Armen: Nothing. Drake: Is that blood? I don’t understand. Armen: Me either. Drake: Alright, whatever. I don’t know. I- I’ll- L-let’s- It’s just another thing we have to ask Grayson. Armen: If we find him. Drake: Exactly. Most of the time we don’t find people. Okay. Well, I guess we should head back. There’s not much here. All of this looks way too complicated for me. Armen: For me too. So, uh, Let’s go. Drake: Alright then. [They exit the rig] Armen: I think we’d better run. This way. Drake: Yep. Yep. Let’s go. Run. Runrunrun. Armen: [Groans] It’s so freezing! Drake: Run! Armen: Oww. Hit my eye. Drake: Gogogogo! Right now. Right now. Don’t stop. I don’t think it’s warm at all. This is- [Armen interrupts] Armen: It’s too cold. Drake: -far, far too cold. Phew. Silent again. Armen: Let’s climb this! Come on! Shortcut! [They climb over the maze back to the base] Drake: Short- have what?! We just run over a bunch of snow- Oh my god. Alright- Inside, inside, inside. Heater. [They both sigh] Armen: [Sounds of contentment] Drake: That’s better. Armen: I need some nice cocoa. Nice, nice cocoa. Drake: Coc- Yeah, whatever. Armen: [Sigh] Drake: [Enters main room] It’s Grayson’s helmet- Ohh. [Spots Grayson] Heyy. Um- Grayson: Oh hey! Drake: How- How’s it goin’? Grayson: Good! Good morning! Drake: Good morning. Yeah. Phew. Well- Grayson: Would you like some cocoa and some pie? Drake: Can some pie? Armen: Yes. Yes. Drake: Uh, sure. Why not? Armen: Oh, and uh… What was that on the oil rig? Grayson: On what? Drake: Oh yeah! We were out on the oil rig and we saw something.... I kinda want to say it looked blood… I mean, I can’t be sure, but it looked a lot like blood. Do you know anything about that? Grayson: I wouldn’t know anything about that. Drake: Oh… You sure? Don’t you work there? Grayson: Pretty sure. I work out there. Drake: So… When was the last time- Grayson: It’s how I keep this place running. Drake: When was the last time you were out there? Grayson: Two weeks. Drake: Two week… oh...w- Armen: Dang. Drake: Well, it looks like there’s blood there…You know, maybe just an animal or something got to it, died, I guess. I don’t really know. Grayson: There’s a lot of animals running through here, so… Drake: Oh. Okay then. Do you mind if we take a look around here? Grayson: Hmm? Sure. Would you like some cake? Drake: Uh, you know, I’m actually good right now. But thanks for offering. And thank you again for your hospitality. Armen: Yeah. Thanks. Grayson: No problem. Armen: [Mumbling] And- Where’d you keep that food? Just in case we get hungry again? Grayson: Secret cabinet. Drake: Uh… Armen: [Sputtering noises] Dough. [Probably meant “Duh”] Okay. Drake: Um...That seems obvious now. Armen: Thank you. Grayson: No problem. Drake: Thanks. Uh, what’s in here? [Enters computer room] Armen: [Mumbles “I don’t know]. Drake: Oh wow. Computers. [Sound of a door opening] Drake: Looks pretty nice. Armen: That’s cool. Drake: You know, we keep assuming terrible things, but they could be easily explained. Now I kinda feel bad. Armen: [Laughs] Maybe we should just stop. Drake: Yeah. Armen: You know. Drake: I haven’t used a computer in an incredibly long time. What’d we get? Armen: Yeah.. Drake: [Opens computer console] I wonder what’s in here? Hmm… [Types in “dir”] Armen: Woah. Drake: I know. I haven’t used a computer in a long time. What is it? Armen: It’s uh.. Drake: [Exit’s computer] There’s nothing special here. Armen: It’s uh… Drake: [Opens Disk Drive] There’s a floppy disk in here. Armen: Uh.. Drake: [Opens computer, sees word “HIM”] Armen: Dude. [Grayson humming in the background] Drake: Yeah? What’s the matter? Armen: I remember. [Screen goes black] [Ends with sign: Click here for part 2 (When it’s available)]

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Writers: This Transcript was written by DuskDragon39

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