[Movie starts with the intro "The Haunting: Legend of Herobrine (Part 2)"]
[Drake wakes up in his old home, otherwise known as The House of Herobrine, in his former room] [He walks into Armen's room]
Drake Is anybody there?
[Confused, Drake walks out of Armen's room but is then immediately stopped when he sees Herobrine flying past his window]
Drake [Worried] Hello? [Walks out of his bedroom, into mainroom] This place looks so familiar. [Sees apple] Hello?
[Loud Crash]
Drake What was that? [Looks out the window] I can't see. [Walks up attic] [Looks out the window] Hello?
[Drake walks down stairs] [Gets apple] [Looks at the main room door and runs out]
[Screen turns white, then transitions into the jungle cabin set]
[Walking in distance] [Drake enters Jungle Cabin]
Drake Shouldn't there be, words on the signs? What in the world. [Walks out] [Stops, sees Herobrine in distance]
[Screen turns white, then transitions into an ender worldly place]
[Drake walks down the path]
Drake What is this place? [Stops at the end of the path] What in the world?
Herobrine You shouldn't be here. [Herobrine falls from the sky and looks eye to eye with Drake]
[Screen turns white, then transitions into the Arctic base] [Drake wakes up and screams]
Drake Armen.
Armen Hey, had a bad dream?
Drake Is there a reason that you're in- [Stops] Uh, yeah. It's just, ever since yesterday when we found that disk. I don't know, things have been weird. Why are you awake?
Armen [Sighs]
Drake Is it morning? [Looks out the window] I can't tell really around here in the Arctic.
Armen [Sighs] I don't know, I just can't sleep.
Drake Oh well, I think it might be morning, but the suns all weird here.
Armen [Looks out window] Hm.
Drake These windows, you don't really see that much. Oh, the door is open [Exits room]
Armen [Exits room] [Coughs]

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