Wind blows in the background of a black screen.

Drake: "What a dense call back there."

Drake's camera turns on to find him holding out his shovel, walking in the middle of a blizzard. An explosion is heard nearby.

Drake: "What the hell? What the hell was that?"

Drake continues his way towards a crater. He sees a floppy disk on the ground.

Drake: "What? Is what I think it is? A floppy disk!? What the hell is that doing out in the snow?"

Drake looks around, confused. He then continues walking around the area.

Drake: "What was that explosion?"

Drake heads closer to where he thinks the explosion occurred. He then heads back to the dormitory of the Arctic Base.

Drake: "Grayson! What was that explosion!?"

Drake enters the dormitory. He turns to see Grayson inside the dining lounge.

Drake: "Grayson!"

Grayson: "Hm? Hi Drake!"

Drake inspects the door as wind is still coming through it.

Drake: "Hey! Uh, one second. Let's see what I can do about the wind coming in through here. One sec."

Drake blocks out the wind.

Drake: "Alright, what was that explosion that I heard?"

Grayson: "I didn't hear anything."

Drake: "What? I was outside and I heard a loud 'bang.' It sounded like someone just dropped a bomb!"

Grayson heads to check the windows of each room.

Grayson: "Can it come from inside, I mean the heater overheated?"

Drake: "I doubt it. We have everything cooled..."

Grayson looks back into his window in his room.

Drake: "...I guess everything's going weird."

Grayson: "Was that there before?"

Grayson turns away from his window after noticing a crater right outside. Drake takes a look.

Drake: "I don't know. Should we go check it out?"

Grayson: "Sure."

Drake: "I don't remember any massive craters before, so that's pretty new. I don't think we have any...uh...anyone out there, do we?"

The two head outside. They walk their way to Grayson's window.

Drake: "Maybe a pipe got hit."

Grayson: "Come on, let's go check."

Drake: "Alright, uh...we don't have any machinery out there, now that I thought of it."

The two climb a snowbank.

Grayson: "Unh. Ah!"

Grayson falls from the snowbank, slightly hurting himself. The two arrive at the crater.

Grayson: "Unh..."

Drake: "What the hell? It did explode. I was right."

The never-ending blizzard suddenly stops. Drake looks up to the sky to find very few clouds and stars appearing. Grayson is seen removing some bits of snow.

Drake: "Storm's gone."

Grayson: "It's right next to my room."

Drake: "That's weird. Alright...uh..."

Grayson eats some food before catching up to Drake.

Grayson: "The blizzard stopped."

Drake: "Yeah, I noticed-Hey that's strange it-"

Grayson: "It never stops."

Drake: "It wasn't scheduled to stop for another month. What? Why does a blizzard stop abruptly?

Grayson breaks down a snowy overhang. Drake notices another large overhang.

Drake: "Where's the logic in that? I don't understand."

Grayson breaks the second one down.

Grayson: "Hm...I'm heading back inside!"

Drake: "Alright...I'll look around a little bit more."

Drake heads off to look around the dormitory.

Drake: "It's kind of eerie out here."

Grayson: "It is."

Grayson heads inside and Drake walks around to find something strange in the distance.

Drake: "What is that...?"

Drake's camera feed is interrupted for a short moment with static. Drake walks towards the strange object, but hears another explosion in the distance. His camera feed ends.

"End of Feed"

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