The following list are movies of The Haunting franchise.

The Haunting: Minecraft Movie Edit - "Two regular Minecrafters living in a small poor home discover something strange lurking in the shadows..."

The Haunting Minecraft Movie-030:37

The Haunting Minecraft Movie-0

RejectedShotgun's The Haunting: Minecraft Movie

The Haunting: Second Life Edit - "Armen and Drake find themselves alive months after they had vanished. In an adventure to stop the one who dropped them into the void, they must find a way to collect all of the uh... SACRED DIA-"

The Haunting Second Life - Minecraft Movie54:34

The Haunting Second Life - Minecraft Movie

RejectedShotgun's The Haunting: Second Life

The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine Edit - "The first part of the legendary Haunting 3. Armen and Drake must find their way out of Herobrine's evil."

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