Vital statistics
Type Magical item
Effects Unknown
Source Unknown
Cost to buy 1 marque
Cost to sell Unknown

Chalices, also called the Holy Grail are items in Season 1 and Season 2 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

These chalices are used for magical purposes, noted by Drake's use for them at or near Teleporation Circles. These are artifacts that have great value, and would sell for up to 1 marque at a museum. They are placed in between a Wither Skull and three candles, on a stone table with red table-cloth.

History Edit

The Haunted Edit

Season 1 Edit

This made its first appearance at Grayson's house, in his basement where he keeps all his magical items, money, weapons, and maps. It was later seen in use at Drake's house, in his room where Drake keeps his backpack.

Later, while traversing through a forest near Alduin's Keep, the two find an ancient Teleportation Circle, with the Chalice, Wither Skull, and Candles. Drake then marks the place to teleport to.

The Holy Grail was an archaeological artifact of great value which was originally found by Mia the elf. However, after she found it, it was stolen and hidden in a shipwreck underwater nearby the Red Keep. It was found by Drake and Grayson and given back to the archeologist in the Haunted: Sunken Treasure.

The very same chalice was returned to Drake, after witnessing the death of Armen. Mia tells Drake to sell it at a museum to earn money.