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Type Town/Village
First episode "Reunion"
Latest episode "The Haunted: Armen's Corruption (Xikroniczz YT Page)"
Appearances 2

"Uldin" is an abandoned and overgrown town, that is located close to Alduin's Keep & Alduin's Keep Forest. The deserted, forsaken town is also known to be attacked by Armenbrine. Outside the village there are poisonous patches and trees which have absorbed the poison and appear almost dead.


Screenshot 2015-03-02 at 4.15.53 PM

Armenbrine witnessing his victory of taking down a village.

Uldin was unexpectedly attacked by Armenbrine and a small Army of Zombies at point Nighttime. The Army caused much damage and havoc, killing many of the villager residents. Some time in the future, Drake explored the abandoned village.


The following is a list of all the times Uldin's Keep was mentioned or seen in the Haunted.

Season 1Edit

Uldin's Keep was seen in Episode 1 when Drake visited the deserted town, looking for supplies.


The location was also seen in "The Haunted: Armen's Corruption", showing a memory of himself ("Armenbrine") destroying the village as well as killing the citizens.


One of the Lost Crypts is known to be nearby as well as Alduin's Keep

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