Uldin is a location in Season 1 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

Uldin is an abandoned and overgrown town, that is located close to Alduin's Keep & Alduin's Keep Forest. The deserted, forsaken town is also known to be attacked by Armenbrine. Outside the village there are poisonous patches and trees which have absorbed the poison and appear almost dead.


The Haunted Edit

Armen's Corruption Edit

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Armenbrine witnessing his victory of taking down a village.

Uldin was unexpectedly attacked by Armenbrine and a small Army of Zombies at point Nighttime. The Army caused much damage and havoc, killing many of the villager residents.

Season 1 Edit

Drake investigates what happened near his home. Arriving there, he discovers that there is no one living there, and he discovers it had been attacked by Herobrine (Armen form) later, when he was talking to Grayson.