Wither Skeleton
Background information
First episode "Belly of the Beast"
Latest episode "Belly of the Beast (latest episode shown)"
Creature information
Creature №
Case №
Species Skeletons
Abilities Applies "Wither Effect" to anybody who comes into physical contact.
Other names
Affiliations Herobrine's Army
Goal Guard the Nether Fortress from any intruders.
Home The Nether
Friends Herobrine,Armenbrine, & anybody from Herobrine's Army
Enemies Any human being.
Likes Working for Herobrine.
Dislikes Anything Herobrine dislikes.
Weapons Stone Sword

These types of skeletons are found in Hell, guarding fortresses and are taller than a normal skeleton. Touching them results of "Wither Effect."

Appearances Edit

The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine Edit

Belly of the Beast Edit

Only one has ever been encountered by Drake and Grayson and it was found at the very end of a Nether Fortress, guarding a chest filled with important items. Grayson kills it before it gets to the two.

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