Biographical Information
Full Name Armen Alex ; (Unknown Full Name)
Nickname(s) Fuzzy
Sex Male
Birth date July 28, YYYY
Born in Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Role Armen

Xikroniczz is an actor for The Haunting and The Haunted. He provided the voice of Armen and played several additional side characters.

On April 7, 2015, RejectedShotgun stated on his Twitter page that Armen abruptly left The Admin Chickens. However, on December 27, 2015, Armen announced his return to both the The Haunted and The Admin Chickens.

Biographical Information



Roles on The Haunting\Haunted


  • Xikroniczz started his YouTube on April 30, 2014.
  • His first video is titled, 'The Haunted Bloopers: God Tree'
  • He is the third member (known) to leave The Admin Chickens.
  • Armen is the first former member of The Admin Chickens to return.


Leaving TAC

On April 7, 2015, RejectedShotgun released a tweet stating that Armen abruptly left The Admin Chickens.

"Armen has abruptly decided to leave the Admin Chickens. It's unclear if he'll be returning at this time... To address anyone worried about the Haunted, it will continue as planned. However, there might be more of a delay for the next episode... Sorry for the confusion these past few days, we were just as confused as everybody else." - RejectedShotgun (Via: Twitter)

Not long after, RejectedShotgun released a video on May 1, 2015, not fully explaining what happened, but letting the viewers know Armen decided to leave.

"Hey there everybody, I'm Drake. If you're watching this, you've probably noticed that 'The Haunted: Episode 12' is taking a while. Before anybody worries, episode 12 is still in production and will be out between a week or so. However, during the time between episode 11 and now, Armen decided to leave The Admin Chickens and YouTube all together. We were very sad to see him go, but he didn't warn us and refused to work on Episode 12 of The Haunted. Because he chose to do this, we had to restructure a lot of how Episode 12 was going to happen. It's still going to be just as awesome and fantastic as we can make it, but due to his sudden leave, Episode 12 ill be the final episode of The Haunted. This doesn't mean the story of Grayson, Mia, or Drake is over. After 12, we will have a new series set in the same world as The Haunted, with the same familiar characters and places. We're going to expand upon what happened in The Haunted and try our hardest to make something new that everyone who is a fan of The Admin Chickens, can enjoy. We'll be releasing some trailers and teasers of this new series after Episode 12 is uploaded. So stay tuned to our channels, if you're interested. We really appreciate all the support you gave us in the comments, on Twitter, and on our website. Thank You for taking the time to watch and have a good day. " - RejectedShotgun (Via: YouTube)

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