Although the series never mentioned precises years, the time dates in the series can be figured out through the official time when Grayson, Drake, & Armen entered the Portal.


On 2 BP (Before (Entering The) Portal) Drake and Armen bought a new house in a small village that was predicted to be haunted by the Herobrine. 3 Years later on 0 AP (After (Entering The) Portal) Drake, Grayson, and Armen entered a portal bringing them (presumably) 4,000 thousand years into the future in the destroyed city of Iron Port. 4 Years later (4AP).
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Drake and Armen coming out of the Portal.

Drake and Grayson reunite once again and go on adventures trying to find a way to take Herobrine away from Armen. Combining all the years together, there has been 7 Years of screening of the adventures of both The Haunting/The Haunted. However, this is only a theory. It may or may not be true.
Time Slot Year Note
First Screening of Armen and Drake 2 BP
The Haunting 3: (Part 1-3) Before the group enters the portal 1 BP
The Haunting 3: (Part 4-5) 0 It is possible that the gang entered the portal 4000 into the future other wise known as 4000 AP. But, it is still technically in the lives of Drake, Grayson, and Armen 0 AP
After The Haunting 3: Part 5 1 AP
The Haunted: Episode 1-Currently 4 AP Although they are far in the future, the years of the future won't count. However, the years after entering the portal do count.

Year 0 - Between Entering the Portal and Getting to the BadlandsEdit

The following is completely theory. It may or may not be true.

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Grayson reading abot the tragic war that happened many years ago.

Year 0 possibly lasted about 4000 years. This may be the case as the destruction of the Arctic Base may have been the beginning of the conquest of Herobrine mentioned in the Last Entry. This possibly lasted for 20-50 years, and the last year was 2172. If Herobrine did conquest during this time, the Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine occured somewhere in the years 2122-2152.  If at 2172 the world restarted for the human race, then Herobrine somehow disappeared, returning 1200 years later. After this, it took 200 years for Herobrine to be defeated, then another few hundred years for the Cult of Herobrine to rise, causing the creation of the Badlands. If Grayson is correct, then the fall of the Iron Mere occured "several thousand years" before he came through the Portal, then it totals about 4000 years between 1BP and 1AP.